Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dallas Letter 1/18/16

Dear Family,
This week has been full of ups and downs but the ups are worth mentioning. The one constant miracle throughout the week is that we were not eaten by dogs. There was many gates that were open with means looking at dogs who what to eat us. Since being out on the mission I have met two types of dogs, mean killer dogs to the complete opposite of angel dogs. There has been many small prayers as we race walked by the open gates.
Another somewhat up this week was that we went to Urgent Care. Sister Greeff toe was hurting her so the mission nurse sent us to check it out. Possibly Sister Greeff might have arthritis in her toe. Being there for three hours reminded me of last transfer adventure with Sister Roberts. Apparently, my history of medical trips with my companions proves it is now the curse that I endure with whoever is my companion.  We have to go back again to do some blood test to see whats going on. She hates needles to the point she has to strangle my hands, but at least she does not pass out (colton😜). We may have to go back for a check up on my hand.
The highlight of this past week was that one of our investigators is preparing to be baptized! His name is Grant Barnett who reminds me of Colton. He loves video games which makes me grateful that I do know a little bit about video games and that I am a small nerd myself. It is awesome to feel the spirit work with those who are striving to follow the Savior. 
Dad, I know how much you wanted me to go to Peru for my mission but I was able to taste somewhat of being in Peru. I was able to see llamas on the mission! 

I love you all and miss you dearly but may the light of Christ be in your lives! My favorite scripture this week is
Psalms 27:1. This scripture was wake up call for me because sometimes my fear overcomes my courage but faith is all that is needed.
Sister Ogden