Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dallas Letter - Dec 21

   This week has been an interesting one. On Wednesday, we helped at Salvation Army with organizing all the gifts to be given out to those they have chosen to help. It was awesome to serve but it was especially nice to wear jeans!!! Sometimes we beg the members if they need help with anything active so that we can wear pants! Then at night we went caroling with the Foutz family in their Jeep. It was cold but we were all warped in sleeping bags while listening to Peter Hollins new song "Mary Did You Know" (look it up and listen to it 20 times as if I was there)
Making A Gingerbread House

   Then Saturday was filled with miracles! It started with (for the first time) being criticized on everything I said to a potential investigator about Our Savior.  He told me many times that I am not awake and do not know Jesus Christ which could have easily turned into an argument.  However, the Spirit said to me to just bare your testimony of Jesus Christ and leave.  The only thing that was amazing about the experience was that I beared probably the most heartfelt testimony of Jesus Christ. Even though he still wanted to argue, I was grateful to give him my testimony for Christmas!

This week has been hard to see David so after talking with the potential we stopped by. We shared the Christmas video with him and his mom Lisa. It touched both of their hearts but especially Lisa. She started by saying that when we come to teach David and Davida she has been listening in the kitchen and has been wanting to ask us some questions! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!! She asked about baptism and about the Sacrament which latter lead to her beautiful testimony of the Sacrament. As I said it's been an interesting week!
Gingerbread Results

I finally received the St. Nick package! It came at the right time for me since again for week 3 the plague still reins in our apartment. I am able to go out with Sister Turner but we still have to stay in most of the time to be missionary nurses. I just want to kiss St. Nick and his Elf's for the gifts. The decoration made our apartment feel like Christmas but also lighten up the mood that has been looming since the plague started. Lets just say St. Nick knows me so well to know how to cheer me up! 
Sister Ogden

Dallas Letter Dec 14th

Howdy Dad,

Its funny that you ask how my week went because it was the weirdest week of my mission! All the Sisters but me got the virus plague that has been surrounding us. I had to be a nurse for myself by inhaling all the vitamin C I could possible take and be a nurse to my fellow three Sisters. The plague started with Sister Turner who past it to Sister Roberts 2.0 (There are two Sister Ro berts.  Dallas’ is Sister Roberts 1.0) and then my companion. The ward called me the lucky winner of the Hunger games plague!!! Haha, the ward is funny but they were very helpful and gave us enough soup to feed an army.
Eating Pizza While Locked Down

Since Sister Turner was a lot better than the others, we were able to go to see David and Davida (Investigators). I was nervous but it was a great experience to lead the lesson about the Holy Ghost. It was powerful because we explained who the Holy Ghost is and the feeling that comes from the Him.  That led to somewhat of a testimony discussion of how David has been feeling the last couple of weeks. I did my job when the tears started and it showed to me that the simple feelings I feel all the time are a huge impact on others who do not know what they are or where they come from.

Since the other Sisters were sick we had to call every day to Sister Mullen to tell how they were feeling and if I was able to go out. I was commanded to stay in lock down with them to take care of them but also to take naps to prevent the plague for myself. I was exactly obedient on taking naps! This week was frustrating to me that I was not able to share and help others come unto Christ by being locked in but it was a great opportunity to study while everyone was dead in their beds.

Sister Robers and I at Urgent Care
The one thing that has been on my mind is what are my spiritual gifts/talents that the Lord has given me. In Moroni 10: 8-19 it mentions some of these gifts but I was able to see a glimpse of mine in my patriarchal blessing. I invite you to read yours with the mindset of what are the Traits or Gifts that the Lord has given you or who you were before coming here. This Friday, Sister Roberts was able to go out but while we were walking we were hit by heavy rain with hail! Instead of progressing in getting better Sister Roberts went backwards to the point that we had to go to the Urgent Care the next day (Sister Roberts 2.0 went too). We were in the office for 4 hours which allowed us to watch How to Train Your Dragon twice. We could not shut it off or ignore it so what our mission president said “if we cannot do anything about it, enjoy it" which I did. As I said this week has been a weird week!

I am so glad to hear about your week! Very jealous of going to Bethlehem, but I absolutely love the picture of you! It made me laugh hard! (Dad in stocks) I AM SO EXCITED THAT PAISLEY WAS ABLE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I remember my first time that you got to baptize me as well which is forever in my heart. I WISH YOU AND THE FAMILY A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Sister Ogden

Hey Mom,
I got the boots which I absolutely LOVE! I like the idea about the King Benjamin painting.  You should sent a picture of it when done. That is awesome that you went to Bethlehem! I definitely will be missing going there for Christmas. Speaking of good weather it has been raining and hailing here which I had the pleasure of running in. It reminded me of all the soccer games I played in the rain but it was different with a skirt on.
Where is Papa moving to? Is it closer to us? I am so happy that Karen is taking the lessons and is heading in the direction of baptism. When you guys went up for thanksgiving, Paisley wrote to me that she was quite impressed of being part of Karen’s mission lessons which was good for her to see what I am doing out here.
I am excited that you are doing the hard tack candy this year because that is one of the many Christmas memories of home. I am sorry that you do not have a professional lights decorator such as myself but Aysha will have to do!!!! No I am glad that she was able to finally get them done and I bet they are as good as if I was there. (Let me know secretly how they turned out).
This week was interesting because everyone in our apartment was sick beside me. I was put in locked down all week and the one day I was allowed to go out with Sister Roberts is the day it rained and hailed on us. Let’s just say instead of Sister Roberts getting better we went backwards with the rain. Thanks for teaching me how to be a nurse for myself by taking lots and lots of vitamin c and being a nurse to the other sisters. Love you Mom and I will pray that you will be able to conquer the crazy schedules!
p.s. DON-DON-DONONN (is from the Croodes movie and it’s the sloth looking thing that yells this for the ending of the world) I still got game on the movie quote game!
Sister Ogden

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dallas Letter - Dec 7th


Hey sorry that I was not able to reply last week but I loved it so much it made me cry. I LOVE THE BLOG! I can look at it and I don't mind at all but I am grateful for the grammar check😜  I am finally glad to know the name of the puppy and I like the name Sage. What is funny about that name is that it is Sister Turner's first name which she approves. I wish you the best of luck with the training and I wish that I could run with her. Maybe when I get back if you guys don't spoil her with food. It sounds that everything is good with the family which I pray for everyday.
This week has been quite interesting. The first part of the week we went to the Redlands temple which was amazing! It was amazing to be in the Lord's House and to be spiritually strengthened. Grandma [Sister in Ward] was able to take us which was a blessing because she strengthened my testimony of the power of each other spirits. One can touch another without speaking using only actions.  I can't wait for the next 3 months so I can go back. We did the normal trip after the temple to go to Cafe Rio which is not as good as Freebirds. 
As you heard from the news there was a shooting which was only a couple blocks from where we were the day before at the temple. When that happened, many members called us to make sure that we weren't there since they know we were going to the temple sometime during the week. It shows me that God loves and wants to care of His missionaries. 
The next fun thing this week was the sickness plague which has been to our apartment which only Sister Roberts and myself have not been yet affected. What was fun about this was that we have been able to steal the car from the other sister in our appointment. Third fun thing was that I had to climb a huge brick wall to get out of an enclosed orange grove. I promised that I did not flash anyone! Then for exchanges I went to Spanish land. Sister Calson taught me many things that day but to make you proud I learn how to say: (sorry for no accents but I hope you can read it)
Soy la hermana Ogden,
Somos misioneras de la Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los ultimos Dias. Solo hablo un poquito de espanol pero tenemos misioneras que hablen espanol que puedan visitarle.
Quierte un visita de ellas?
Cual es su nombre?
Cual es su nemero de telefono?
Then dinner was probably the most interesting part of the day. I was served a huge bowl of Pozole soup which was amazing but it was accompanied with the loudest music on the plant. Lets just say it took a couple of days to gain back my hearing. Now on a serious note, even though I did not understand most that was said the spirit was the same.  While hearing Spainish I can hear the same spirit as when someone speaks English. Plus I was able to see the true gift of tongues and how beautiful it is.
For David and Davida we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ which was a powerful lesson. The lesson was powerful because we talked about faith, repentance, and baptism. These three things are exactly what David needs to hear since as I mentioned earlier his past is full of things that have some believe that they can never overcome. That is the beauty of our Savior, that we have the ability to move forward as long as we have faith and are willing to use the Atonement in our lives. David came to Church and even stayed for Gospel principles! David and Davida are progressing so much but the true joy is to see the light of Christ in their eyes brighter and brighter each time we visit them. 
The last thing that really pulled the strings at my heart this week was Sister Paul. She is the lady that called you to see if you can get Papa and Gage to give a blessing to her sister. She bore her testimony at church that we are all placed in places that Christ needs us to be. Once there, we must be prepared to be Christ hands to those who need help. She wants me to thank you but I want to hug you and mom because you were willing to help a stranger (who only I knew). Please thank Gage and Papa for helping her sister that is now home.

Sister Ogden

Well no wonder everyone thinks that both you and I are so alike, we go through all the same things. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I went through the same situation with my freshman year.  I started with JV but practiced with Varsity. I am glad that you love the last letter, I hoped it helped! Now the next step is to show the coach that she wished to have put you on this year for Varsity. BE AGGRESSIVE AND NEVER STOP NO MATTER WHAT TEAMMATES/ PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU! If I did, I would have never made it as far as I did and that attitude will continue throughout life. I love the name of Sage and the video that Paisley sent that Colton took was all to cute. I am glad that you are having fun and I know that you, paisley, and Colton can make up for my obsessive Christmas spirit! As the Christmas season is here please remember the real reason for Christmas which is our Savior!
Sister Ogden

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Turkey Week Craze - 11/30/2015

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been great! To start the week both Sister Roberts and I got blister on our feet from walking everywhere since it was to chilly to ride the bike. Mine are not as bad as Sister Roberts which are infected. We were both doctored up by Dr. Amber Largey who I love to death. Every week, we help her grade her art students work. 
Thanksgiving was with the Jones which was so much fun and confusing. The reason for the confusion was that one of their family members is named Dallin which I would sometimes, if not on guard, answer. The only person that noticed was Sister Roberts which made her laughed. Lets just say that I am the clown in the companionship. Shocker!!! 
Then we contacted so many referrals but only one was interested in watching the new Christmas Video!!! I love the videos, Have you seen them? If not stop right now and watch them! David and Davida we were not able to see since David is and Davida out of town. We did however pick up a new investigator named Jessica, who loved the new Christmas video!  

Funny that you mention prayer. On Friday, we visited Mary Anderson and Mark again. We shared a lesson but she asked me to pray that her daughter, who has not talked to her for over a year, would have her heart soften towards Mary. I did as she asked. Yesterday we ran into to her and she hugged me and told me that after we left her daughter called her! It touched my heart and testified that God does hear and answer our prayers. We must only speak to Him with real intent and have faith that He will help, guide, and comfort us when needed. 
This week I did the challenge for the new sister which worked! I filled more love towards her. THANK YOU!  Your words of wisdom is so impactful in my life. 

I hope that Aysha and Paisley can make up for my excitement at Christmas but that is a tall order! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! And I wish You and the Family a Merry Christmas!
Sister Ogden

Soccer Tryouts (To Aysha) - 11/30/2015

Hey sorry that I was not able to reply to your email but time ran out! I LOVE YOU AND YOU ROCK!!! You will kill tryouts and no matter what happens you are my all star soccer player. Just pray and rely on the Lord because for me that was how I was able to overcome and give it all my best. Pray unto to Him and all your fears ans worries will evaporate because of the Atonement helps lift us off our knees to move forward.I wish I could have told you this before the first day of tryouts. Sorry that the soccer tournament cancelled on you in Dallas and I hope that you did not eat like a black bear you normally are for Thanksgiving!  Today we had Cross fit with our Mission President which was great but painful. Coach Chris always told us that when we sweat is the fat crying and dieing inside us. SWEAT ON!!!

Sister Ogden

The Awesome, Fantastic, and Miracle Week - 11/23/2015

Hey everyone

This week has been a roller coaster of amazing things. The first is that David and Davida accepted a soft baptism which was awesome since it was my first time to extend the invitation of baptism. When I asked David and Davida it came naturally which was an answer to my prayers. The second was that we had a blitz in our area which we got 7 new referrals to try since our referral list was running low. The third was that David and Davida came to church this Sunday! They loved it and want to come back next week. The last blessing was that we were biking a lady stopped us to say that she has seen us bike all day and wanted to give us a gift. The gift was a box of chocolate which was a perfect cherry to top this week. 

This week has been full of meeting new people which was fun. The first new person was because of transfers, Sister Roberts 2.0 (like Web 2.0). Then we were able to visit Mary Anderson and her friend Mark own a small farm full of chickens. They probably have 40 chickens which I was able to hold a 4 day old chicken named Cowboy! Then we found out this week we will be singing in the Christmas program. we had to go to the Johnson's who have the cutest cats who look like copper!
Sister Ogden

Dallas Letter 11/16/2015

I am sorry that things have been busy for you at work but it sounds like things are starting to clear up. I forgive you for not writing me! I love the pictures you sent especially with you and Aysha. I love the turkey hat😍. The puppies look like pepper and they are so cute and I know you will pick a good one. If you want to have a missionary mind just pray over the decision because I find myself praying in the morning for which skirt to wear. I know weird but some days I don't know what to wear. 
Speaking about prayers, I have been praying out loud in my dreams and even teaching lessons in my sleep. Between Sister Cozzen and I, We sleep talk all night. Its been fun for Sister Roberts and Sister Turner to listen to us talk. I think it might be the stress of the mission that makes me talk at night. The bad thing about me talking is that it makes my mouth guard fall out which makes the next morning rough to talk. Dad all this week we have been sharing a video that I absolutely love and makes me think of you. Thank you for all you have taught me and done for me. Yours and moms example is shown to me everyday when I go into other peoples homes and see how much you love me and raised me in a loving home with the Gospel. THANK YOU! 
I bless you with the gift to pick the right puppy because lets be honest you wished I was there to help you pick. And before you name it I must approve it🙋 
Love you
Sister Ogden
Subject: First Transfers

Hey everyone,
This week has been full of weird and memorable moments. The weird was that we have been listening to Christmas music (Josh Groban Noel CD) all week and we put our Christmas tree out. Its not even past Thanksgiving but it brighten our week so much. Sister Turner and I even made Dia de los muertos skeletons ornaments for the Christmas tree. The first memorable moment of this week was that we were able to see the new Christmas video that the church is showing beginning on Nov. 29! It is so good and gave me chills while watching it. I can't wait to share it with everyone once it comes out. 
Second was that it has been cold and raining here which has made the bike rides very interesting. Because it has been cold, the tops of Bear Mountain has had snow on it all week. 
Third was that both Sister Roberts and I felt a prompting to visit an older sister in the ward who we have to call Grandma. To find out when we got there was that she was having a rough week and prayed to Heavenly Father to see two sister with bikes and helmets. It was a testament builder to me that God knows all and is willing to answer our prays in many ways. 
The forth was teaching David and Davida. They both have very rough backgrounds but are looking for a new direction and teaching them the Gospel has been a spiritual change for them. They told us after we finished the Restoration that they love us coming here because we are different. I wanted to tell them that it was the spirit that they enjoy! Davida is so ready and definitly loves the Lord because every time we mention His life and the Atonement tears spring up. I can already see the influence of the Lords hands in their lives and I hope that one day they will see what I see. 
Fifth was transfers! The results of transfers was that Sister Roberts and I are staying in the same area and Sister Turner is going to be a trainer! Sister Cozzen is leaving to go up to Riverside which is sad but I am excited for her. After the transfer call I felt that I was given a early Christmas present to stay in this awesome area and ward.   
Sister Ogden

I am excited that you guys will pick out the puppy today and pray that you pick a good one!  Being out on the mission,  I have so many chances to pet dogs, which as you know is a true joy to me. If only I could have my dalmatian right now. Sister Roberts is so excited for the two Disney Mormon memes you sent me which made both of us laughed. Alma is quite long but I love it so much because the book of Alma shows me how best to be a missionary. The account of Ammon is my favorite! You should read Alma 53: 13- 22 which tells how we can become Stripling Warriors in our lives! I am working on courage. I wish you all the luck in God and always strive to follow the example of our Savior because He is always with us!

Sister Ogden