Monday, April 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 4/4/16

Hello everyone,
This week I felt like a tour guide for Sister Pielstick of Wildomar but missionary style. While I was giving the tour around the place we were four new investigators named Clayton, Clay, Alicia, and Mikki! Like what President Monson said in General Conference that  "The choices we make, determine our Destiny". I believe that is the same case for our investigators that by walking down a certain street we would meet them and share a message that would change their hearts.
Today Sister Pielstick and I rode our bikes around Lake Elsinore which is by our apartments. We rode for 5 miles with a detour for pictures. Down part of the trip was that I got a bug in my eye which I could not get out til a nice lady named Carmel came to my rescue. She was a funny 63 black lady that not only came to my rescue for my eye but also to take pictures of us. You should always be ready to help others as was mentioned in General Conference.

Sister Pielstick and I have had so much fun doing the Lords work out here! I was scared When Sister Greeff left because this would be the first time that I am the one that knows everything about the area. Looking back on how this week went showed to me that I know the area and the people. I just pray that I can help her learn what I know! That's the hard part😜
Sister Pielstick is an STL.  They are sisters that like district leaders that go on exchanges with others sisters and help President Mullen to help us sister be the best missionaries we can be. I am still learning what her role is but that what in general they do.
Conference was amazing and it was cool to be with Sister Pielstick again for it. I loved all the talks but only three truly touched my heart! It was President Monson, President Ucthdorf, and Elder Holland and like you I want to study them again. I definitely needed to hear what these three men said but also the others because was it revelation that I needed to know how to improve and what I need to learn for my investigators.  

Wow congrats on the games and it sounds like you are having a party down there! I loved conference too! I definitely needed the extra spiritual strength that comes from hearing them. My favorites was President Monson, President Ucthdorf, and Elder Holland. This week has been full of fun adventures but what has made it a blast if finding those that God has prepared us to meet. It amazes me that people can live their lives without knowing the light of Christ. Aysha cherish the light that God has given you. It is a gift from Him because HE loves you and you did something amazing before here to earn the Gospel in your life. Love you and Keep your light a flamed!

I love you guys!
Sister Ogden