Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/20/17

Nothing to crazy happened this week but a lot of exchanges and funny moments. We got a new car which I have had the great opportunity of driving it even though I prefer a truck. Then while walking we had a cute dog following us for an hour which made me feel like I was walking a dog with no leash. We named it Teddy and while we were paying a attention to it, Sister Greenhalgh ran into a pole. So the rest of the week she has a headache but we have been able to still do the work. 

Then we taught Danielle the Restoration and she was touched at the First Vision because she saw it as a great example of God loving us to answer our prayers. That is one of the things that I have gained a testimony on while studying and teaching the First Vision. The new Restoration video is so good!
Then of exchanges, I was with Sister Coffeen and then Sister Reed!  Between those two exchanges and our own walking I have walked for 13 hours which allowed my awkward missionary tan to be more defined and make my hair turn more blonde. Maybe I will be blonde when I get home? The main thing I learned from these two Sisters is that God gives us certain gifts to do the work. Mine is to be okay with talking to everyone and sharing part of the Restoration with my testimony while they are good at teaching. I am glad that God has built me up so I am able to uplift people with my words and testimony.
Love Sister Ogden     

1) New car! It likes to change color on us but it is either a gray or a brown
2) Teddy is the fluffy one
3) This is our guide by our bed so that we know what to do each morning
4) "We talk of Christ" and we leave many signs of baptism for people to find
5) Smog is real
6) exchange with Sister Reed