Monday, March 13, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/13/17

Can I just say that this week has flown by so fast. I just felt like I emailed you last week but here I am emailing you once again. This week we had many adventures and I will have to go day by day to tell you everything!
Mon: As a zone we played ultimate Frisbee which I found out quickly that I am only good at defending people and running around looking like I know what I am doing.
Wed: We stopped at a less active/part member family and instead seeing them we met their friend who is from Canada. As we talked on the porch, he fed us oranges and strawberries which was divine in the new hot weather that is here. We invited him to learn more but he said "what you are doing is amazing but I'm good". He then gave us a beautiful cross that says "Jesus Saves" which I absolutely love.
Thurs: Hermana Tobler and I were able to go to Riverside for our Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) which was amazing. One of the trainings was on Repentance which was perfect since I had to give a talk on Repentance at Sacrament. One of the things I learned was that the Lord wants us to come unto Him so that we can receive all the blessing of Repentance and become better then we were before. In Isaiah 1:18 it says "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." We need to always come to the Lord so that we can change and be better. That first part never stood out to me until MLC. Repentance is so cool!
Fri:  We had service at the March Field Air Museum and we did two of my favorite things which are to sand and decorate for an event. Sister Greenhalgh and I had way to much fun but we had a lot of missionary opportunities as we serve.
Sat: I was on exchanges with Hermana Moran in my area! We were able to talk to everyone and their dogs about inviting them to learn more of the Restored Gospel. But I had the amazing opportunity to meet with President Mullen, to have my exit interview. He gave me a lot of advice that I needed to hear which continue to confirm that he was meant to be my mission president!
Love Sister Ogden      

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/6/17

There are so many things that I want to tell you but I will try to do my best in explaining it well. Last Monday was absolutely crazy because Sister DiPietro had to leave for Hemet to her new area but she had to stay since her asthma medication didn't come on time. So we were in a trio companionship for a day which was super weird. Sister Greenhalgh is from Heber Utah and has only been out for 6 months! Both her and I are constantly laughing and finding the many cool miracles that God has given us.  

One of the miracles was that we were able to find 6 new investigators! We were able to find them in many awkward situations, like knocking on their door and them coming in behind us or teaching a family around a pile of dirt. Missionary work is so awkward but it is super fun an rewarding. With teaching the Family around the pile of dirt they expressed feelings of wanting to find the truth and want to have a full baptism. Moments like this even though kinda weird is such a humbling experience because you see God preparing them for the Gospel. 
President & Sister Mullen came out with us for a investigator lesson and a home visit with a member. We taught Rudy & Valerie the First Vision and the Book of Mormon which was awesome. When we showed them the picture of the First Vision, President Mullen asked them what they saw and Valerie said "is it God and Jesus"? From that moment on, the spirit was so strong that they accepted the baptism date of April 2! When we first taught them they would not accept baptism but with a mighty changed of heart, they were able to want to change and feel the strength that the Gospel brings. Then after our home visit, Sister Mullen gave the member her glasses because she could not read very well with her old ones. I learned so much from the examples of President & Sister Mullen and I am so grateful that they are my leaders.
Love Sister Ogden

1) For a Mutual activity for one of the wards in the stake, They decided to feed the whole zone with a talent show.
2) Even though I am not in Austin, I still can find some yards with some cool art
3-4) are the path and environment of the lesson with the family around the dirt pile. Like Jesus I am teaching everywhere that people are willing to listen. 
5) the weather here
6) my cute companion

Dallas Letter 1/27/17


This week has been a roller coaster! From going to the Temple, service, new investigator, and Transfer calls! The week started awesome because I was able to go to the Temple. I always feel that when I go I receive so much strength and peace to continue to do the Work. I was extra excited to go because originally we were suppose to go in January but it had to be reschedule for the end of February! The longest wait of my life but it was a testimony for me that God enable me to be strong until I could be energized at the temple. The member who took us to the Temple even took us to a Koren restaurant that was amazing! 
Then we sisters in the zone were able to do service at the museum which allowed me to touch history. We got to put books in a catalog and put a rocket holder on a helicopter! Service is the best as a missionary. We celebrated Transfer call Saturday at Burger Boss!
The Work this week has been a lot of door knocking on potentials and working with less actives. I think by the end of my mission I will master the secret knock that makes everyone want to answer the door and want to be baptized. We found a new investigator named Broderick who is going through many struggles with his life. He even told us when we started teaching him that he was thinking of us while he felt lost all that morning and wanted help. The Spirit always seems to prepare those we are teaching everyday. It's so cool! We shared with him about peace with has been the main focus of my studies. In Pslams 29 :11 it talks about how Christ gives us strength and peace which I am so grateful that He gives that to me daily. I even think having peace is a form of strength. I have felt His peace a lot since especially since it was the last week of the Transfer.
Then it was Transfer calls! So Sister DiPietro is leaving me and going to Hemet and I am staying here with Sister Greenhalgh. I was originally suppose to be with Sister Godoy but I was called by the Assistants at 9 last night about the change. I am sad that Sister DiPietro is leaving but I know she will do amazing in Hemet!  

Love Sister Ogden

2) We accidentally kidnap the La Piedra phone on exchanges. Weird to have my own phone  
3) History service 
4) Imagine me doing the left side of the helicopter. 
5) storm clouds here

Dallas Letter 2/20/17

This week has been full of adventures like a going to the car shop, Multi-zones, investigators and rain storms! But before I get to my adventures, I want to tell you what I learned. I learned that we received traits and talents from Heavenly Father and that right now is the time to strengthen them. These past couple of days, I have been thinking about what are mine which is ten times harder than saying the talents for another. It wasn't til I read my blessing that I realize some of mine. I encourage you to read your blessings to find out!

Our car has had to go in the shop twice but it gave us an opportunity to walk a lot and talk to everyone we see. Walking for me out on the mission is my favorite part because I get to meet really cool and interesting people. It so cool that God knows each one of them and that He wants me to go talk to them about the message of hope. That message of hope is of Jesus Christ which I  am able to teach and testify to everyone that is outside! I feel sorry for the Angels that have to write down all my testimonies that I give each day.

We had Multi-zones this week and I had to give a training in front of everyone! Since being an STL, I have had to give many trainings which has allowed me to learn so much. My training was on using technology to what I think will prepare this mission to have tablets but way after my time with the new President. I love Multi-zones because President Mullen gives us so much training that gives guidance of what I can do to better in the work. Right after Multi-zones, as a whole mission, we all had to go straight home because of how bad the rain storm was. It gave me a chance to decorate my new planner and write in my journal! Small tender mercies!
Then we were able to find three new investigators named Rudy, Valerie, and Emme! Each of them have a sad story but it is that message of repentance that has brought them hope as we have taught. I love teaching repentance because it has brought so much joy into my life. It is so cool to see people to slowly change as they learn the Gospel.

Sister Ogden

1) Exchanges with Hermana Hernandez
2) At Multi- Zones we had a famous actor that was in 17 Miracles and Ephraim Rescue. I even got to role play with him as if I was talking to him on the street. 
3) my zone
4) this is what decorating a planner looks like! Lockdown!

Dallas Letter 2/13/17

This week has been full of finding new people to teach which means a lot of walking and talking to everyone. Mom you don't have to worry about my 2,000 words this week even though I still want to talk at night. God blessed us with four new people to teach after we put a lot of effort into walking and knocking on doors. 
We had interviews with President Mullen! We are always given the opportunity to ask him one questions which I asked him"what he has learned from serving as a President?" He told me about the Doctrine of Christ which is Faith, Repentance, Baptism (Sacrament), receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. He then taught me that the Angels only speak of the Doctrine of Christ which also includes me! He used Moroni 7: 29-31 to tell me that I am one of God's Angels. I am grateful to be serving with President Mullen and to be learning so much from him. 
The weather here has been so bipolar because one day it is sunshine and then the next day is hailing with thunder. We had a cool miracle with the Hail because right before it happened we ended up talking to a man working in his garage who invited us in his garage. While we were talking to him about the Gospel it started to Hail and rain in buckets. The man was not interested but at least he let us stay until it stoped hailing. I love miracles like these and my mission is full of them. 
I wanted to say thank you for the Olive Garden gift card because last Saturday I took Sister DiPietro there as a surprise to celebrate her baptism date of five years ago. I love being her companion and she has taught me so much in just 10 weeks! 

Love Sister Ogden
  • Here are some of the weathers we went through
  • me having fun while walking 
  • we do a service of packing food to hand out for a church
  • olive garden

Dallas Letter 2/6/17

Congrats on the new Puppy! I swear that you guys are trying to find animals to replace me! I guess that I am as crazy as having two dogs! I like the name Bo because it fits the hunting life it will have.

This week we were able to find two new investigators named Gary Wilson and Paris Navarro. We found Gary while seeking with faith (walking an hour and a half each day we do) and we were able to help move things into his house from his car. That small act of service really was what made him what to learn more of why we are out here. Sister DiPietro and Hermana Hernandez were able to teach him and he accepted the baptismal date of March 5 while I was out of town on exchanges.
Paris was unplanned finding opportunity because we were looking for her brother Zachary but instead we found her. She asked many questions about God and how He really is there in our lives which was cool to testify that He is! We also taught that prayer is the best way to see God in our lives which made her excited to say the closing prayer even though she has never prayed. She got very emotional. We were also able to work with a lot of less actives who actually came to church! It's been a very good week even though we have still have a long way to go to make this area ready to Harvest.
On exchanges I went to Riverside with Hermana Padilla. I was actually able to serve in Riverside for one day! It kinda looks like downtown Austin but without the creative or beautiful side. There is a ton of beautiful churches and since it was just a Chinese holiday is was decorated with a ton of Chinese decorations.

We did service of picking up trash and there was a small contest of who picked up the grossest trash. Hermana Padilla and I won because we found a dead dog in a blanket. All I could think about was Paisley with the raccoon skull.

We were able to find a new investigator and teach two lessons which I could not really teach since it was in Spanish but I was able to feel the spirit so much as she taught.

Sister Ogden

Dallas Letter 1/30/17


This was a spiritual experience between teaching appointments, exchanges, and learning more of the Gospel. We were able to pick up part of a family named Aide & Victoria Bandal! They were a referral from a member in Riverside and we were able to sit down with them on Tuesday and put them on date for February 26. We didn't plan visiting them but I thought to stop by since we went through everyone that we already planned. The Spirit always guides us in the right direction which was to the Bandal family. They have a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon but by the end of the lesson they were so excited to read it. Sister DiPietro continues to gain confidence in inviting someone to baptism which she was given two opportunities. It's so much fun training! It's hard but so worth it.  I learn so much. I learned from Sister DiPietro of the importance of asking for enabling power of the Atonement specifically to something she is about to do like contacting people of the street.

I had exchanges with Sister Harris in La Piedra which was fun but it's no longer a biking area. It was weird to be in the car going up the hills without dieing and out of breath which would be the case on a bike. I learned from Sister Harris to never give up no matter what, just keep working! As an STL we always have the responsibility to work with sister in anything that they need and we focused on having a more positive attitude. One of the things that help me is to see Gods hands in my day.  While being there I heared how all my converts are doing while at dinner with sister wells at Red Robin. Here is a list of how my converts are doing:

Davis- still going strong. Irma (wife) was called to the a librarian. David(husband) is teaching in elder quorum plus passing the Sacrament once in a while. Rueben is passing the Sacrament. The girls are active in young womens.
Zrofsky- They are both called to teach in primary. 
Eli Miller- Called into cub scouts
Gary- recovering from some heath issues.
I learned more of the Gospel in the aspect of Atonement and Repentance. I have been switching back and forth from studying the Atonement and Repentance because I need those two things every single day. In DC 38:4 it says "and verily, I say, even as many as have believed in my name, for I am Christ, and in mine own name, by the virtue of the blood which I have split, have pleaded before the Father for them" (DC 38:4). I love this scripture because it is by the Atonement that we can repent and it's by the life and prayers of Christ that I am able to become better.
Love Sister Ogden


Dallas Letter 1/23/17


This week has been kinda uneventful because I have been on lock down in our apartment with Sister DiPietro having the plague. I always seem to have companions that get super sick. We had to go to Urgent Care which was a field trip to me because we were out of the apartment. It has been raining all week to the point that yesterday our whole mission was on lock down for flooding after church. Sister DiPietro and I were exact obedient because we were already home. While inside, I was Nurse Ogden, Miss Ogden maid, and a very lost Sister Ogden.

Another field trip I had was going to Riverside for an STL meeting with President Mullen. President Mullen gave a training on how "relying on the Lord" is actually "relying on Heavenly Father". When we pray, we pray to the Father which He answers us through His Son and the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ is the one that gives us Strength through the Atonement and knows actually what we need to strengthen us. The Holy Ghost is how receive comfort from the Father. By President Mullen's training I feel that my prayers have become more powerful and meaningful.

Hermana Tobler (my STL companion) and I have a tradition of going to Blaze Pizza to have lunch every time we go to Riverside. I love going there because I am able to make an exotic Greek pizza that is gluten free!

I love you and have a fantastic week! I will emailing on a different day next week because I get to go to the temple!

Love Sister Ogden

1) Sunshine before it was pouring rain and lock down
2) Sister DiPietro was able to try the Mexican corn while we were walking 
3) The M is for Moreno Valley
4) Urgent care tradition picture. 
5) Sick Sister DiPietro even though she normally would not be smiling but kept smiling in all the pictures I took of her
6) I forgot to mention that the Rodriguez family came and not only brought us soup but they gave a huge care package that made me feel very loved. That was a huge tender mercy for the week! God always seem to find ways to take care of his missionaries!

Dallas Letter 1/16/17


Sorry about last week`s letter. I thought I sent it in but it must have been still loading when I had to get off. This week has been full of many miracles. The first miracle was that we as a zone went bowling at the mall. I was close to winning which was a miracle since I was using my hands and not my feet. They should invent a bowling game that we have to use our feet! Since we were at the mall we went to Bath& Body Works for fun which became a missionary moment. One of our potential investigators named Judy was there and we were able to find a better time to meet with her this week. Missionary work happens in weird ways all the time.

We were able to find a new Investigator named Penny, who we found was while seeking with faith. She was on her porch and thinking about the many rough things she is going through which really softened her to our message. We testified about the power of the Atonement which brought tears to her eyes of hope. The Gospel always brings hope and light into our lives because of the Savior.

Then we have the miracle of buckets of rain which allowed me to wear my favorite rain boots. Thank you for the many herbal teas that you sent because they have been the best thing at night after a long rainy working day.
Then Sister DiPietro was finally able to invite someone to baptism which was Judy!!! It is always that first one that is tough but once you get your first invite under your belt you are not afraid to invite anyone to come unto the Savior. I have been studying lately about how, through Christ, we are able to repent. It's a blessing to know that through the Atonement my silly mistakes can be washed away as long as I do my part. It's cool to see others realize that truth and gift we are given by the Savior.

Then transfer calls happened but all is staying the same. I am going to finish Sister DiPietro's training in Moreno Valley which I am super excited for! It is weird though because this is my first transfer where nothing has changed for me. The work is progressing more and more each day which is only happening because of our hard work. President Mullen gave a training in DC 123:13 of how we must "waste and wear out" in missionary work each day or you are not doing the work right. We should come home exhausted from talking, walking, and teaching everyone that we see or talk too.  "Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven" (DC123: 13). I can tell you that I do come home exhausted but it's all worth it! Plus it does make me dream ten times harder which I do tell Sister DiPietro each morning. 

Love Sister Ogden 

1-2) bowling
3) our zone
4) relief society district 

Dallas Letter 1/9/17

I was not in my area very much but here are pictures of this week! I was in La Piedra again with Sister Keith. I was with Hermana Garcia in Perris.

Love Ya 
Sister Ogden