Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dallas Letter 2/15/16

So we are starting a new transfer and I am still in the same area with Sister Greeff. I get to kill her off her mission which is weird because when she leaves I hit my 6 month mark. 😨 I don't feel that I have been out as long as I have and I do not think that I am an almost 5 month missionary.  Maybe a 3 month but not 5. Another scary thing that happened was that I am the driver! It is scary because in my head I am like what is this wheel in front of me and how do I drive? However it is somewhat of a blessing because I get to learn the area better but we will see how I will do.

Thanks for helping the Urgent Care office lady. It was weird to give her number and see her talk to you. I resisted the urge to jump over the counter to rip to phone from her to talk to you but I was able to control myself. It was funny because that night I received your packaged. Thanks for the Jerky because it made a very rough day a little brighter. So the reason I was at urgent care was that I had an ear and sinus infection! Yeah but now I have Ab's of steel from blowing my nose so many times (not really)! 

 Dad, what is a funny story that you have not told me from your mission that is funny but very spiritual? Ever since being out I have wondered more about yours and mom's experience on the mission. I  was able to go to Spanish land again for exchanges! I was finally able to be part of a Spanish lesson that when Hermana Rasmussen said testify about a certain thing, I did so. I did not really understand what had been said but it was cool to just testify what I know to be true and hear it in Spanish! I guess whatever I said touched the ladies heart because she started to cry. I learned how to say a prayer in Spanish but I left my notes at home so that I could spell it correctly.   

Love you so much and you are my ROCK STAR DAD!!!!
Love Sister Ogden  

Dallas Letter 2/8/16

Dear Mom
This week has been a blur but I was able to learn a very important lesson. I went to Spanish land again for exchanges which was awesome! I was able to be in a couple of lessons that I could only follow a small amount but I was still expected to still teach. Hermana Ramussen would tell me what to testify that is what I did. It was so cool to hear my testimony on the Atonement in Spanish! The main key was really relying on the spirit to know what they needed to hear.

You are so beautiful! I am sorry that you had one of those games that made you want to talk to me. I miss those yell, cry, or talks that we would have after a rough game but I know that you are strong enough that you don't need me. Me on the other hand needed you! If you do need to release or talk about something just email to me. I will try to do my best but its different not being there.  On a spiritual note, there is one person that can be there for me when you do have those days. It is the Savior and you know what He knows better than I do on how to help you. Keep Him close to you Aysha and never leave Him!


Sister Ogden