Monday, February 8, 2016

Dallas Letter 2/1/16

This has been so crazy that if you ask me what happened in the beginning of last week it is a blur. But this week we were on FIRE and were able to pick four new investigators. One of them was truly a tender mercy, miracle, or anything that is called good! Maryanne was a referral that we were able to contact this Saturday before we had to turn in. Beside her wanting us to come back, there is two things you need to know about her. First is that she is a NINJA! Since her house had been recently broken into, she came around the house  to spook us by asking why are we there. It didn't help that she was wearing all black. Then after sharing the video with her she mentioned that she had a dog. Of course as a dog lover I asked what bred it was. This is the best part! She has a wolf hybrid!!! My dream dog! Her dog is 87% wolf and husky and he was gorgeous. She let him loose from another room so there was a wolf running straight for me. Scary but cool! 

Grant Barnett was baptized yesterday! (MY FIRST BAPTISM!!)  Grant was baptized by his Dad which
Grant's Baptism
was a true honor to see! The spirit was so strong and there was so many people. President Crippen who is a counselor for President Mullen came with a lot of missionaries who have taught Grants parents. The service was beautiful and the talks were awesome. While Grant and his dad was changing, Sister Greeff and I shared the Restoration! I was so scared because there was not only many people there but also missionaries. With many heart felt prayers I was able to have courage to speak. It was amazing and a true testimony builder.
Earlier this week was full of meetings about our purpose as missionaries. We are to love the Lord and our investigators! That is the only way we can do this great work! As a missionary you meet so many people but God gives a glimpse of His love so that I can help them the way He would like. Charity = love + sacrifice!
Sister Ogden