Monday, April 10, 2017

Dallas Letter 4/10/17 - Last Mission Letter

This is weird that this is my last email to you before I see you. I feel that I am in a dream of packing and saying a lot of goodbyes but maybe at the airport it will feel real. The main thing I want to tell you is how much I have loved my Mission! It has been the greatest thing I have ever done and has changed me. I have learned to truly let the Lord use my testimony so that others might know and come to Him. I also loved sharing my testimony because it was also a way for me to remember His hand in my life. I am grateful that God called me to serve Him and that I was assigned to Riverside California! Thank you for all the support and love for me out here!
Love Sister Ogden

1) Here is my coin collection that when I turned in it was about $30! I have collected this as we walked everyday
2) My Mission
3) Valley View Sisters
4) Ward Mission Leader family. Plus because of my red hair everyone thinks I belong to them unless they see my tag
5) Koren BBQ!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Dallas Letter 4/3/17

This week has flown by! I joked with Sister Greenhalgh that I want to find Mr. Time and ask him to give me back last week since it went so fast. oh well! maybe you guys are paying him to make it fast? Well like normal I will go day by day since that is only how my brain can function this early in telling you.
Mon- Sister Greenhalgh and I were craving fish and the member asked us want we wanted and we said fish. The Sister is from Italy and she made us 7 dishes of unusual fish dishes that were super fun to try. One of them had octopus legs, muscles, shrimp, and some other things I don't know but it was super good. But by the night both of us did not feel 100% because of the overload of fish. With how much fish I ate, I won't have to take my fish oil for the rest of last week.
Wed-  Then we had Multi-zones in Menifee! Sister Tobler and I gave a training over using technology which we joked that we were given that training since we will be the ones using technology soon. Then we were trained on how to use the new Easter video that I love so much! The AP's asked each us "what do you think when you hear Prince of Peace"? I think of all the times that Christ has brought peace into my life. What about you? I gave out my outgoing testimony on how my Mission is truly a miracle and how is has been a learning and becoming experience. We found a new investigator that night with Chris who we met the day before.
Thurs-  Then we were able to find a family because we were short on miles and decided to walk to a potentials house last week. We were able to meet with them this week and share the Restoration. They were excited to come closer to Christ. One of them is named James and he had an eye patch which describes how fun our lesson was.
Sat & Sun- Then, as you know, it was General Conference!!! There was so many good talks but my favorite has got to be President Nelson on the Atonement. To answer your question Mom, yes all the missionaries were going crazy when our mission was said. We all joked how our families reacted to him saying that. I was right! After the Sunday session, Sister Greenhalgh and I were able to go to another Elders baptism to teach the Restoration while they were changing. I love doing this because I am able to share my testimony about God's love after a very spiritual moment of baptism.
Sister Ogden

1) Mummy Sister Greenhalgh after loads of fish
2) Best quote ever and Happy Birthday again Aysha!
3-4) Multi- zones
5) we play a car game where we hit the ceiling if we see a light out or a yellow, orange, or purple car. This is our point system.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/27/17

This week has been crazy which I feel that I say every week but that is missionary work. Here is a day by day of my adventures!

Mon- We were able to find a family of three who were former investigators! I love working with formers! They just moved in town from Las Vegas and Mimi the most solid out of the three came right up to us at Church and introduced herself in her hot pink PJ. I wish that all investigators would just walk right up to us and say "hey I want to be baptized" but that would take out the fun of finding them. We taught them about the importance of baptism which invited the Spirit so strong we invited them to the baptismal date of 4/30!
Tues- Then we had our first exchange with other companions which allowed me to be with Sister Hernandez again. We were able to work at the museum and sand off another cart. Then we were able to teach Broderick family at the Church. They were the family a couple of weeks ago who we were able to teach around the dirt mound. I love giving Church tours to our investigators because it allows them to feel the Spirit of the Church and understand how much they need to come. The two boy's reactions to the lesson reminded me of Colton because Izac was listening but not willing to answer unless we asked a direct question to him. Then Josiah was a mixture of Aysha and Paisley because Josiah acted like Paisley moving around but still able to listen. Then he was like Aysha by wanting to answer all the questions. It was a very spiritual but fun lesson.
Wed- I was able to to go the Temple with all the missionaries departing with me. There is 7 of us Sister leaving all together with no Elders. It was so nice to go with our mission President and his wife for our last Temple trip to Redlands.
Thurs- Then I was on another exchange with Sister Flores in my area. We were able to have dinner with a Filipino family who are returning. We tried this new ice cream called Yum that is purple. Then we received a miracle! When you have a car as a missionary, you only have limited miles each month. We were running a little bit low with all the exchanges we have had to do, so when we went out with a member she was willing to drive us to our exchange! She saved us about 20 miles which allowed us to be good for the rest of our month. God answers heart felt prayers!
Fri-  I was able to go to Wildomar for my last exchange with Sister Pielstick! We were able to find an investigator who has seen an UFO and has a yard like the Junk Yard in Austin. Even though we had to get back to the Restoration and continue teaching about Christ, it was a great opportunity to teach him about Faith. Then I was able to see the famous Poppies that cover everywhere. It's like our blue bonnets but not as pretty.
Sat- The Women's Broadcast was amazing and I love Elder Eyrings about the Spirit.
Love Sister Ogden


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/20/17

Nothing to crazy happened this week but a lot of exchanges and funny moments. We got a new car which I have had the great opportunity of driving it even though I prefer a truck. Then while walking we had a cute dog following us for an hour which made me feel like I was walking a dog with no leash. We named it Teddy and while we were paying a attention to it, Sister Greenhalgh ran into a pole. So the rest of the week she has a headache but we have been able to still do the work. 

Then we taught Danielle the Restoration and she was touched at the First Vision because she saw it as a great example of God loving us to answer our prayers. That is one of the things that I have gained a testimony on while studying and teaching the First Vision. The new Restoration video is so good!
Then of exchanges, I was with Sister Coffeen and then Sister Reed!  Between those two exchanges and our own walking I have walked for 13 hours which allowed my awkward missionary tan to be more defined and make my hair turn more blonde. Maybe I will be blonde when I get home? The main thing I learned from these two Sisters is that God gives us certain gifts to do the work. Mine is to be okay with talking to everyone and sharing part of the Restoration with my testimony while they are good at teaching. I am glad that God has built me up so I am able to uplift people with my words and testimony.
Love Sister Ogden     

1) New car! It likes to change color on us but it is either a gray or a brown
2) Teddy is the fluffy one
3) This is our guide by our bed so that we know what to do each morning
4) "We talk of Christ" and we leave many signs of baptism for people to find
5) Smog is real
6) exchange with Sister Reed

Monday, March 13, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/13/17

Can I just say that this week has flown by so fast. I just felt like I emailed you last week but here I am emailing you once again. This week we had many adventures and I will have to go day by day to tell you everything!
Mon: As a zone we played ultimate Frisbee which I found out quickly that I am only good at defending people and running around looking like I know what I am doing.
Wed: We stopped at a less active/part member family and instead seeing them we met their friend who is from Canada. As we talked on the porch, he fed us oranges and strawberries which was divine in the new hot weather that is here. We invited him to learn more but he said "what you are doing is amazing but I'm good". He then gave us a beautiful cross that says "Jesus Saves" which I absolutely love.
Thurs: Hermana Tobler and I were able to go to Riverside for our Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) which was amazing. One of the trainings was on Repentance which was perfect since I had to give a talk on Repentance at Sacrament. One of the things I learned was that the Lord wants us to come unto Him so that we can receive all the blessing of Repentance and become better then we were before. In Isaiah 1:18 it says "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." We need to always come to the Lord so that we can change and be better. That first part never stood out to me until MLC. Repentance is so cool!
Fri:  We had service at the March Field Air Museum and we did two of my favorite things which are to sand and decorate for an event. Sister Greenhalgh and I had way to much fun but we had a lot of missionary opportunities as we serve.
Sat: I was on exchanges with Hermana Moran in my area! We were able to talk to everyone and their dogs about inviting them to learn more of the Restored Gospel. But I had the amazing opportunity to meet with President Mullen, to have my exit interview. He gave me a lot of advice that I needed to hear which continue to confirm that he was meant to be my mission president!
Love Sister Ogden      

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/6/17

There are so many things that I want to tell you but I will try to do my best in explaining it well. Last Monday was absolutely crazy because Sister DiPietro had to leave for Hemet to her new area but she had to stay since her asthma medication didn't come on time. So we were in a trio companionship for a day which was super weird. Sister Greenhalgh is from Heber Utah and has only been out for 6 months! Both her and I are constantly laughing and finding the many cool miracles that God has given us.  

One of the miracles was that we were able to find 6 new investigators! We were able to find them in many awkward situations, like knocking on their door and them coming in behind us or teaching a family around a pile of dirt. Missionary work is so awkward but it is super fun an rewarding. With teaching the Family around the pile of dirt they expressed feelings of wanting to find the truth and want to have a full baptism. Moments like this even though kinda weird is such a humbling experience because you see God preparing them for the Gospel. 
President & Sister Mullen came out with us for a investigator lesson and a home visit with a member. We taught Rudy & Valerie the First Vision and the Book of Mormon which was awesome. When we showed them the picture of the First Vision, President Mullen asked them what they saw and Valerie said "is it God and Jesus"? From that moment on, the spirit was so strong that they accepted the baptism date of April 2! When we first taught them they would not accept baptism but with a mighty changed of heart, they were able to want to change and feel the strength that the Gospel brings. Then after our home visit, Sister Mullen gave the member her glasses because she could not read very well with her old ones. I learned so much from the examples of President & Sister Mullen and I am so grateful that they are my leaders.
Love Sister Ogden

1) For a Mutual activity for one of the wards in the stake, They decided to feed the whole zone with a talent show.
2) Even though I am not in Austin, I still can find some yards with some cool art
3-4) are the path and environment of the lesson with the family around the dirt pile. Like Jesus I am teaching everywhere that people are willing to listen. 
5) the weather here
6) my cute companion

Dallas Letter 1/27/17


This week has been a roller coaster! From going to the Temple, service, new investigator, and Transfer calls! The week started awesome because I was able to go to the Temple. I always feel that when I go I receive so much strength and peace to continue to do the Work. I was extra excited to go because originally we were suppose to go in January but it had to be reschedule for the end of February! The longest wait of my life but it was a testimony for me that God enable me to be strong until I could be energized at the temple. The member who took us to the Temple even took us to a Koren restaurant that was amazing! 
Then we sisters in the zone were able to do service at the museum which allowed me to touch history. We got to put books in a catalog and put a rocket holder on a helicopter! Service is the best as a missionary. We celebrated Transfer call Saturday at Burger Boss!
The Work this week has been a lot of door knocking on potentials and working with less actives. I think by the end of my mission I will master the secret knock that makes everyone want to answer the door and want to be baptized. We found a new investigator named Broderick who is going through many struggles with his life. He even told us when we started teaching him that he was thinking of us while he felt lost all that morning and wanted help. The Spirit always seems to prepare those we are teaching everyday. It's so cool! We shared with him about peace with has been the main focus of my studies. In Pslams 29 :11 it talks about how Christ gives us strength and peace which I am so grateful that He gives that to me daily. I even think having peace is a form of strength. I have felt His peace a lot since especially since it was the last week of the Transfer.
Then it was Transfer calls! So Sister DiPietro is leaving me and going to Hemet and I am staying here with Sister Greenhalgh. I was originally suppose to be with Sister Godoy but I was called by the Assistants at 9 last night about the change. I am sad that Sister DiPietro is leaving but I know she will do amazing in Hemet!  

Love Sister Ogden

2) We accidentally kidnap the La Piedra phone on exchanges. Weird to have my own phone  
3) History service 
4) Imagine me doing the left side of the helicopter. 
5) storm clouds here