Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dallas Letter 2/8/16

Dear Mom
This week has been a blur but I was able to learn a very important lesson. I went to Spanish land again for exchanges which was awesome! I was able to be in a couple of lessons that I could only follow a small amount but I was still expected to still teach. Hermana Ramussen would tell me what to testify that is what I did. It was so cool to hear my testimony on the Atonement in Spanish! The main key was really relying on the spirit to know what they needed to hear.

You are so beautiful! I am sorry that you had one of those games that made you want to talk to me. I miss those yell, cry, or talks that we would have after a rough game but I know that you are strong enough that you don't need me. Me on the other hand needed you! If you do need to release or talk about something just email to me. I will try to do my best but its different not being there.  On a spiritual note, there is one person that can be there for me when you do have those days. It is the Savior and you know what He knows better than I do on how to help you. Keep Him close to you Aysha and never leave Him!


Sister Ogden

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