Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dallas Letter 2/15/16

So we are starting a new transfer and I am still in the same area with Sister Greeff. I get to kill her off her mission which is weird because when she leaves I hit my 6 month mark. 😨 I don't feel that I have been out as long as I have and I do not think that I am an almost 5 month missionary.  Maybe a 3 month but not 5. Another scary thing that happened was that I am the driver! It is scary because in my head I am like what is this wheel in front of me and how do I drive? However it is somewhat of a blessing because I get to learn the area better but we will see how I will do.

Thanks for helping the Urgent Care office lady. It was weird to give her number and see her talk to you. I resisted the urge to jump over the counter to rip to phone from her to talk to you but I was able to control myself. It was funny because that night I received your packaged. Thanks for the Jerky because it made a very rough day a little brighter. So the reason I was at urgent care was that I had an ear and sinus infection! Yeah but now I have Ab's of steel from blowing my nose so many times (not really)! 

 Dad, what is a funny story that you have not told me from your mission that is funny but very spiritual? Ever since being out I have wondered more about yours and mom's experience on the mission. I  was able to go to Spanish land again for exchanges! I was finally able to be part of a Spanish lesson that when Hermana Rasmussen said testify about a certain thing, I did so. I did not really understand what had been said but it was cool to just testify what I know to be true and hear it in Spanish! I guess whatever I said touched the ladies heart because she started to cry. I learned how to say a prayer in Spanish but I left my notes at home so that I could spell it correctly.   

Love you so much and you are my ROCK STAR DAD!!!!
Love Sister Ogden  

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