Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dallas Letter 4/18/16

This week was crazy because since I am companions with an STL I had to workaround exchanges both in my area and out. When I was in my area, we were able to pick up three new investigators! One of them Bonu! Bonu is from Pakistan and she is so cute! We showed her the Follow Him video and she cried when the little girl jumped over the puddle. She told us that she felt like the little girl by coming here. She pulled at my heart strings
Hermana Fabian
Then Hermana Fabian and I taught Grant the Word of Wisdom by video games! I asked him what was his favorite character and why? What strengths do they have and so forth? Don't ask me what his favorite character was but when I flipped his character to himself it made sense to him. The huge list of things that helps his character to be strong was ridiculous compared to the small list that Heavenly Father has given us. The Gospel is simple and beautiful.  Super fun lesson! (Thought of you Colton) 
We had a service opportunity to help a 5k/10k run for Lake Elsinore! I was in charge to cheer people at the finish line and to take the magnets from their number. It was fun to be a support to someone physically rather than spiritually. In mission work we cheer on people spiritually to help them run or walk towards Christ. It is hard work but so worth it!
Hermana Fabian is going to be my second companion this transfer because both of our companions are STL. Friday I was able to go to Spanish land! The funniest part of that day was that this old lady at dinner kept speaking to me in Spanish even though everyone told her that I only speak a little. I could understand her asking me over and over again if I was cold but no matter how many times I told her no, she would ask again. She even tried to give me one of her bracelets.

All the Sisters in our Zone on a field trip to DeJong's Dairy
Love Ya
Sister Ogden

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