Monday, May 2, 2016

Dalllas Letter 4/25/16


This week has been packed with fun and spiritual experiences! We, as a zone, went to a service project called the Clean Extreme. Sister Gallegos sent you a picture of Sister Pielstick and I painting the Lake Elsinore Library. I was able to be in a library for about 6 hours which was amazing and not only that but I was allowed to paint.
Then we had Multi-zones! The focus of the meeting was how we can teach simply. Here are three things that stood out to me:
  1. When you invite to do C.P.R ask it by simply "will you"(Church, Prayer, and Reading)
  2. You must teach with the Book of Mormon to change the hearts of men (object lesson was to take a ball and hold it with one hand. Each of your fingers in your hand represents a tool we study to teach.Thumb: BofM, pointer: Bible, middle: Preach My Gospel, ring: 12 week, and pinky: Missionary library like Jesus the Christ and True to the Faith. If you use everything but the Book of Mormon you cannot teach with power to change the hearts of men.)
  3. Then rely on the Spirit to direct you on what to say
 A spiritual experience this week was visiting Kim. We shared the Hallelujah video and asked her what stood out to her. Through many tears, she said that she was amazed at the love that Christ had for her because He was so willing to suffer and die for her. After she testifed of Jesus Christ, we felt prompted to sing I Stand All Amazed to her. The spirit was so strong (even though I felt bad for her ears in my case) it was a tender moment. Kim kept calling us angels which touched my heart even though I am far from an angel.

Sister Ogden

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