Monday, March 27, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/27/17

This week has been crazy which I feel that I say every week but that is missionary work. Here is a day by day of my adventures!

Mon- We were able to find a family of three who were former investigators! I love working with formers! They just moved in town from Las Vegas and Mimi the most solid out of the three came right up to us at Church and introduced herself in her hot pink PJ. I wish that all investigators would just walk right up to us and say "hey I want to be baptized" but that would take out the fun of finding them. We taught them about the importance of baptism which invited the Spirit so strong we invited them to the baptismal date of 4/30!
Tues- Then we had our first exchange with other companions which allowed me to be with Sister Hernandez again. We were able to work at the museum and sand off another cart. Then we were able to teach Broderick family at the Church. They were the family a couple of weeks ago who we were able to teach around the dirt mound. I love giving Church tours to our investigators because it allows them to feel the Spirit of the Church and understand how much they need to come. The two boy's reactions to the lesson reminded me of Colton because Izac was listening but not willing to answer unless we asked a direct question to him. Then Josiah was a mixture of Aysha and Paisley because Josiah acted like Paisley moving around but still able to listen. Then he was like Aysha by wanting to answer all the questions. It was a very spiritual but fun lesson.
Wed- I was able to to go the Temple with all the missionaries departing with me. There is 7 of us Sister leaving all together with no Elders. It was so nice to go with our mission President and his wife for our last Temple trip to Redlands.
Thurs- Then I was on another exchange with Sister Flores in my area. We were able to have dinner with a Filipino family who are returning. We tried this new ice cream called Yum that is purple. Then we received a miracle! When you have a car as a missionary, you only have limited miles each month. We were running a little bit low with all the exchanges we have had to do, so when we went out with a member she was willing to drive us to our exchange! She saved us about 20 miles which allowed us to be good for the rest of our month. God answers heart felt prayers!
Fri-  I was able to go to Wildomar for my last exchange with Sister Pielstick! We were able to find an investigator who has seen an UFO and has a yard like the Junk Yard in Austin. Even though we had to get back to the Restoration and continue teaching about Christ, it was a great opportunity to teach him about Faith. Then I was able to see the famous Poppies that cover everywhere. It's like our blue bonnets but not as pretty.
Sat- The Women's Broadcast was amazing and I love Elder Eyrings about the Spirit.
Love Sister Ogden


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