Monday, April 3, 2017

Dallas Letter 4/3/17

This week has flown by! I joked with Sister Greenhalgh that I want to find Mr. Time and ask him to give me back last week since it went so fast. oh well! maybe you guys are paying him to make it fast? Well like normal I will go day by day since that is only how my brain can function this early in telling you.
Mon- Sister Greenhalgh and I were craving fish and the member asked us want we wanted and we said fish. The Sister is from Italy and she made us 7 dishes of unusual fish dishes that were super fun to try. One of them had octopus legs, muscles, shrimp, and some other things I don't know but it was super good. But by the night both of us did not feel 100% because of the overload of fish. With how much fish I ate, I won't have to take my fish oil for the rest of last week.
Wed-  Then we had Multi-zones in Menifee! Sister Tobler and I gave a training over using technology which we joked that we were given that training since we will be the ones using technology soon. Then we were trained on how to use the new Easter video that I love so much! The AP's asked each us "what do you think when you hear Prince of Peace"? I think of all the times that Christ has brought peace into my life. What about you? I gave out my outgoing testimony on how my Mission is truly a miracle and how is has been a learning and becoming experience. We found a new investigator that night with Chris who we met the day before.
Thurs-  Then we were able to find a family because we were short on miles and decided to walk to a potentials house last week. We were able to meet with them this week and share the Restoration. They were excited to come closer to Christ. One of them is named James and he had an eye patch which describes how fun our lesson was.
Sat & Sun- Then, as you know, it was General Conference!!! There was so many good talks but my favorite has got to be President Nelson on the Atonement. To answer your question Mom, yes all the missionaries were going crazy when our mission was said. We all joked how our families reacted to him saying that. I was right! After the Sunday session, Sister Greenhalgh and I were able to go to another Elders baptism to teach the Restoration while they were changing. I love doing this because I am able to share my testimony about God's love after a very spiritual moment of baptism.
Sister Ogden

1) Mummy Sister Greenhalgh after loads of fish
2) Best quote ever and Happy Birthday again Aysha!
3-4) Multi- zones
5) we play a car game where we hit the ceiling if we see a light out or a yellow, orange, or purple car. This is our point system.

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