Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dallas Letter 11/16/2015

I am sorry that things have been busy for you at work but it sounds like things are starting to clear up. I forgive you for not writing me! I love the pictures you sent especially with you and Aysha. I love the turkey hat😍. The puppies look like pepper and they are so cute and I know you will pick a good one. If you want to have a missionary mind just pray over the decision because I find myself praying in the morning for which skirt to wear. I know weird but some days I don't know what to wear. 
Speaking about prayers, I have been praying out loud in my dreams and even teaching lessons in my sleep. Between Sister Cozzen and I, We sleep talk all night. Its been fun for Sister Roberts and Sister Turner to listen to us talk. I think it might be the stress of the mission that makes me talk at night. The bad thing about me talking is that it makes my mouth guard fall out which makes the next morning rough to talk. Dad all this week we have been sharing a video that I absolutely love and makes me think of you. Thank you for all you have taught me and done for me. Yours and moms example is shown to me everyday when I go into other peoples homes and see how much you love me and raised me in a loving home with the Gospel. THANK YOU! 
I bless you with the gift to pick the right puppy because lets be honest you wished I was there to help you pick. And before you name it I must approve it🙋 
Love you
Sister Ogden
Subject: First Transfers

Hey everyone,
This week has been full of weird and memorable moments. The weird was that we have been listening to Christmas music (Josh Groban Noel CD) all week and we put our Christmas tree out. Its not even past Thanksgiving but it brighten our week so much. Sister Turner and I even made Dia de los muertos skeletons ornaments for the Christmas tree. The first memorable moment of this week was that we were able to see the new Christmas video that the church is showing beginning on Nov. 29! It is so good and gave me chills while watching it. I can't wait to share it with everyone once it comes out. 
Second was that it has been cold and raining here which has made the bike rides very interesting. Because it has been cold, the tops of Bear Mountain has had snow on it all week. 
Third was that both Sister Roberts and I felt a prompting to visit an older sister in the ward who we have to call Grandma. To find out when we got there was that she was having a rough week and prayed to Heavenly Father to see two sister with bikes and helmets. It was a testament builder to me that God knows all and is willing to answer our prays in many ways. 
The forth was teaching David and Davida. They both have very rough backgrounds but are looking for a new direction and teaching them the Gospel has been a spiritual change for them. They told us after we finished the Restoration that they love us coming here because we are different. I wanted to tell them that it was the spirit that they enjoy! Davida is so ready and definitly loves the Lord because every time we mention His life and the Atonement tears spring up. I can already see the influence of the Lords hands in their lives and I hope that one day they will see what I see. 
Fifth was transfers! The results of transfers was that Sister Roberts and I are staying in the same area and Sister Turner is going to be a trainer! Sister Cozzen is leaving to go up to Riverside which is sad but I am excited for her. After the transfer call I felt that I was given a early Christmas present to stay in this awesome area and ward.   
Sister Ogden

I am excited that you guys will pick out the puppy today and pray that you pick a good one!  Being out on the mission,  I have so many chances to pet dogs, which as you know is a true joy to me. If only I could have my dalmatian right now. Sister Roberts is so excited for the two Disney Mormon memes you sent me which made both of us laughed. Alma is quite long but I love it so much because the book of Alma shows me how best to be a missionary. The account of Ammon is my favorite! You should read Alma 53: 13- 22 which tells how we can become Stripling Warriors in our lives! I am working on courage. I wish you all the luck in God and always strive to follow the example of our Savior because He is always with us!

Sister Ogden

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