Sunday, December 6, 2015

Turkey Week Craze - 11/30/2015

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been great! To start the week both Sister Roberts and I got blister on our feet from walking everywhere since it was to chilly to ride the bike. Mine are not as bad as Sister Roberts which are infected. We were both doctored up by Dr. Amber Largey who I love to death. Every week, we help her grade her art students work. 
Thanksgiving was with the Jones which was so much fun and confusing. The reason for the confusion was that one of their family members is named Dallin which I would sometimes, if not on guard, answer. The only person that noticed was Sister Roberts which made her laughed. Lets just say that I am the clown in the companionship. Shocker!!! 
Then we contacted so many referrals but only one was interested in watching the new Christmas Video!!! I love the videos, Have you seen them? If not stop right now and watch them! David and Davida we were not able to see since David is and Davida out of town. We did however pick up a new investigator named Jessica, who loved the new Christmas video!  

Funny that you mention prayer. On Friday, we visited Mary Anderson and Mark again. We shared a lesson but she asked me to pray that her daughter, who has not talked to her for over a year, would have her heart soften towards Mary. I did as she asked. Yesterday we ran into to her and she hugged me and told me that after we left her daughter called her! It touched my heart and testified that God does hear and answer our prayers. We must only speak to Him with real intent and have faith that He will help, guide, and comfort us when needed. 
This week I did the challenge for the new sister which worked! I filled more love towards her. THANK YOU!  Your words of wisdom is so impactful in my life. 

I hope that Aysha and Paisley can make up for my excitement at Christmas but that is a tall order! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! And I wish You and the Family a Merry Christmas!
Sister Ogden

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