Sunday, December 6, 2015

Soccer Tryouts (To Aysha) - 11/30/2015

Hey sorry that I was not able to reply to your email but time ran out! I LOVE YOU AND YOU ROCK!!! You will kill tryouts and no matter what happens you are my all star soccer player. Just pray and rely on the Lord because for me that was how I was able to overcome and give it all my best. Pray unto to Him and all your fears ans worries will evaporate because of the Atonement helps lift us off our knees to move forward.I wish I could have told you this before the first day of tryouts. Sorry that the soccer tournament cancelled on you in Dallas and I hope that you did not eat like a black bear you normally are for Thanksgiving!  Today we had Cross fit with our Mission President which was great but painful. Coach Chris always told us that when we sweat is the fat crying and dieing inside us. SWEAT ON!!!

Sister Ogden

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