Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dallas Letter Dec 14th

Howdy Dad,

Its funny that you ask how my week went because it was the weirdest week of my mission! All the Sisters but me got the virus plague that has been surrounding us. I had to be a nurse for myself by inhaling all the vitamin C I could possible take and be a nurse to my fellow three Sisters. The plague started with Sister Turner who past it to Sister Roberts 2.0 (There are two Sister Ro berts.  Dallas’ is Sister Roberts 1.0) and then my companion. The ward called me the lucky winner of the Hunger games plague!!! Haha, the ward is funny but they were very helpful and gave us enough soup to feed an army.
Eating Pizza While Locked Down

Since Sister Turner was a lot better than the others, we were able to go to see David and Davida (Investigators). I was nervous but it was a great experience to lead the lesson about the Holy Ghost. It was powerful because we explained who the Holy Ghost is and the feeling that comes from the Him.  That led to somewhat of a testimony discussion of how David has been feeling the last couple of weeks. I did my job when the tears started and it showed to me that the simple feelings I feel all the time are a huge impact on others who do not know what they are or where they come from.

Since the other Sisters were sick we had to call every day to Sister Mullen to tell how they were feeling and if I was able to go out. I was commanded to stay in lock down with them to take care of them but also to take naps to prevent the plague for myself. I was exactly obedient on taking naps! This week was frustrating to me that I was not able to share and help others come unto Christ by being locked in but it was a great opportunity to study while everyone was dead in their beds.

Sister Robers and I at Urgent Care
The one thing that has been on my mind is what are my spiritual gifts/talents that the Lord has given me. In Moroni 10: 8-19 it mentions some of these gifts but I was able to see a glimpse of mine in my patriarchal blessing. I invite you to read yours with the mindset of what are the Traits or Gifts that the Lord has given you or who you were before coming here. This Friday, Sister Roberts was able to go out but while we were walking we were hit by heavy rain with hail! Instead of progressing in getting better Sister Roberts went backwards to the point that we had to go to the Urgent Care the next day (Sister Roberts 2.0 went too). We were in the office for 4 hours which allowed us to watch How to Train Your Dragon twice. We could not shut it off or ignore it so what our mission president said “if we cannot do anything about it, enjoy it" which I did. As I said this week has been a weird week!

I am so glad to hear about your week! Very jealous of going to Bethlehem, but I absolutely love the picture of you! It made me laugh hard! (Dad in stocks) I AM SO EXCITED THAT PAISLEY WAS ABLE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I remember my first time that you got to baptize me as well which is forever in my heart. I WISH YOU AND THE FAMILY A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Sister Ogden

Hey Mom,
I got the boots which I absolutely LOVE! I like the idea about the King Benjamin painting.  You should sent a picture of it when done. That is awesome that you went to Bethlehem! I definitely will be missing going there for Christmas. Speaking of good weather it has been raining and hailing here which I had the pleasure of running in. It reminded me of all the soccer games I played in the rain but it was different with a skirt on.
Where is Papa moving to? Is it closer to us? I am so happy that Karen is taking the lessons and is heading in the direction of baptism. When you guys went up for thanksgiving, Paisley wrote to me that she was quite impressed of being part of Karen’s mission lessons which was good for her to see what I am doing out here.
I am excited that you are doing the hard tack candy this year because that is one of the many Christmas memories of home. I am sorry that you do not have a professional lights decorator such as myself but Aysha will have to do!!!! No I am glad that she was able to finally get them done and I bet they are as good as if I was there. (Let me know secretly how they turned out).
This week was interesting because everyone in our apartment was sick beside me. I was put in locked down all week and the one day I was allowed to go out with Sister Roberts is the day it rained and hailed on us. Let’s just say instead of Sister Roberts getting better we went backwards with the rain. Thanks for teaching me how to be a nurse for myself by taking lots and lots of vitamin c and being a nurse to the other sisters. Love you Mom and I will pray that you will be able to conquer the crazy schedules!
p.s. DON-DON-DONONN (is from the Croodes movie and it’s the sloth looking thing that yells this for the ending of the world) I still got game on the movie quote game!
Sister Ogden

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