Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dallas Letter - Dec 21

   This week has been an interesting one. On Wednesday, we helped at Salvation Army with organizing all the gifts to be given out to those they have chosen to help. It was awesome to serve but it was especially nice to wear jeans!!! Sometimes we beg the members if they need help with anything active so that we can wear pants! Then at night we went caroling with the Foutz family in their Jeep. It was cold but we were all warped in sleeping bags while listening to Peter Hollins new song "Mary Did You Know" (look it up and listen to it 20 times as if I was there)
Making A Gingerbread House

   Then Saturday was filled with miracles! It started with (for the first time) being criticized on everything I said to a potential investigator about Our Savior.  He told me many times that I am not awake and do not know Jesus Christ which could have easily turned into an argument.  However, the Spirit said to me to just bare your testimony of Jesus Christ and leave.  The only thing that was amazing about the experience was that I beared probably the most heartfelt testimony of Jesus Christ. Even though he still wanted to argue, I was grateful to give him my testimony for Christmas!

This week has been hard to see David so after talking with the potential we stopped by. We shared the Christmas video with him and his mom Lisa. It touched both of their hearts but especially Lisa. She started by saying that when we come to teach David and Davida she has been listening in the kitchen and has been wanting to ask us some questions! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!! She asked about baptism and about the Sacrament which latter lead to her beautiful testimony of the Sacrament. As I said it's been an interesting week!
Gingerbread Results

I finally received the St. Nick package! It came at the right time for me since again for week 3 the plague still reins in our apartment. I am able to go out with Sister Turner but we still have to stay in most of the time to be missionary nurses. I just want to kiss St. Nick and his Elf's for the gifts. The decoration made our apartment feel like Christmas but also lighten up the mood that has been looming since the plague started. Lets just say St. Nick knows me so well to know how to cheer me up! 
Sister Ogden

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