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Dallas Letter - Dec 7th


Hey sorry that I was not able to reply last week but I loved it so much it made me cry. I LOVE THE BLOG! I can look at it and I don't mind at all but I am grateful for the grammar check😜  I am finally glad to know the name of the puppy and I like the name Sage. What is funny about that name is that it is Sister Turner's first name which she approves. I wish you the best of luck with the training and I wish that I could run with her. Maybe when I get back if you guys don't spoil her with food. It sounds that everything is good with the family which I pray for everyday.
This week has been quite interesting. The first part of the week we went to the Redlands temple which was amazing! It was amazing to be in the Lord's House and to be spiritually strengthened. Grandma [Sister in Ward] was able to take us which was a blessing because she strengthened my testimony of the power of each other spirits. One can touch another without speaking using only actions.  I can't wait for the next 3 months so I can go back. We did the normal trip after the temple to go to Cafe Rio which is not as good as Freebirds. 
As you heard from the news there was a shooting which was only a couple blocks from where we were the day before at the temple. When that happened, many members called us to make sure that we weren't there since they know we were going to the temple sometime during the week. It shows me that God loves and wants to care of His missionaries. 
The next fun thing this week was the sickness plague which has been to our apartment which only Sister Roberts and myself have not been yet affected. What was fun about this was that we have been able to steal the car from the other sister in our appointment. Third fun thing was that I had to climb a huge brick wall to get out of an enclosed orange grove. I promised that I did not flash anyone! Then for exchanges I went to Spanish land. Sister Calson taught me many things that day but to make you proud I learn how to say: (sorry for no accents but I hope you can read it)
Soy la hermana Ogden,
Somos misioneras de la Iglesia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los ultimos Dias. Solo hablo un poquito de espanol pero tenemos misioneras que hablen espanol que puedan visitarle.
Quierte un visita de ellas?
Cual es su nombre?
Cual es su nemero de telefono?
Then dinner was probably the most interesting part of the day. I was served a huge bowl of Pozole soup which was amazing but it was accompanied with the loudest music on the plant. Lets just say it took a couple of days to gain back my hearing. Now on a serious note, even though I did not understand most that was said the spirit was the same.  While hearing Spainish I can hear the same spirit as when someone speaks English. Plus I was able to see the true gift of tongues and how beautiful it is.
For David and Davida we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ which was a powerful lesson. The lesson was powerful because we talked about faith, repentance, and baptism. These three things are exactly what David needs to hear since as I mentioned earlier his past is full of things that have some believe that they can never overcome. That is the beauty of our Savior, that we have the ability to move forward as long as we have faith and are willing to use the Atonement in our lives. David came to Church and even stayed for Gospel principles! David and Davida are progressing so much but the true joy is to see the light of Christ in their eyes brighter and brighter each time we visit them. 
The last thing that really pulled the strings at my heart this week was Sister Paul. She is the lady that called you to see if you can get Papa and Gage to give a blessing to her sister. She bore her testimony at church that we are all placed in places that Christ needs us to be. Once there, we must be prepared to be Christ hands to those who need help. She wants me to thank you but I want to hug you and mom because you were willing to help a stranger (who only I knew). Please thank Gage and Papa for helping her sister that is now home.

Sister Ogden

Well no wonder everyone thinks that both you and I are so alike, we go through all the same things. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I went through the same situation with my freshman year.  I started with JV but practiced with Varsity. I am glad that you love the last letter, I hoped it helped! Now the next step is to show the coach that she wished to have put you on this year for Varsity. BE AGGRESSIVE AND NEVER STOP NO MATTER WHAT TEAMMATES/ PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU! If I did, I would have never made it as far as I did and that attitude will continue throughout life. I love the name of Sage and the video that Paisley sent that Colton took was all to cute. I am glad that you are having fun and I know that you, paisley, and Colton can make up for my obsessive Christmas spirit! As the Christmas season is here please remember the real reason for Christmas which is our Savior!
Sister Ogden

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