Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dallas Letter 1/4/16

Hey Family,

Sorry that I was not able to write much last week because of transfers. So Sister Roberts and I was doubled out of our area, so Sunday/ Monday was full of packing. Sunday was so hard for me to say goodbye to everyone but what hurt the most is saying goodbye to David, Davida, and Lisa. They balled their eyes out and told us that we have changed their lives. I told them that they have also changed mine. I love them so much and will miss them! I am now in Lake Elsinore in the Wildomar Ward and my new companion is Sister Greeff which sounds like grief! She is from West Valley Utah and she has been out for 15 months (we are the complete opposites on the mission time line).

(Guess what movie that came out of?)
This week has been crazy because we were both doubled into this area with nothing but our bags and the keys to our car/ apartment. The elders before us did not organize or clean after themselves and it made our life more interesting this week. Our first day here we got attacked by dogs but we survived with no harm! It was actually funny because before the attack, we were talking about our scary dog experiences we have had on the mission. This week Sister Greeff also got the plague which made it challenging but worth the challenge. We picked up a new investigator while walking named David. I guess I seem to find David's alot.😜  He was fishing which made it easy to talk to him about fish and about Christ. Thanks Dad for teaching me the ropes or may I say the fish strings of fishing! Later this week I was able to go out with another Sister who is not under the plague to teach David the Restoration. The lesson went amazing and he wants to be baptized! 
Through all the challenges of not knowing the area it has been an adventure and I LOVE IT! Adventures seem to come in many forms, some bigger than other but they all do and carry one thing with them and its learning. I have learned so much and I can't wait to continue to learn on my adventure here in the mission but especially in Wildomar.
Love y'all
Sister Ogden

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