Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dallas Letter 2/22/16

This week has been full of crazy things! First things first is that I am drug and infection free!!! It is amazing now because if something goes weird or wrong then I can at least smell the roses. Then for p-day, we played softball which I was the only Sister on a team! Dad you would be proud because I got everyone out on first base the whole time.
Another crazy thing was that again Sister Greeff was sick! I swear that somewhere between the lines of my call letter is that I am called to be a nurse for my companions. It's okay, It was a great movie day for me and Sister Greeeff. The movies we were able to watch like 20 times was Legacy and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas both made by the Church.

Legacy is about how much Faith that the early saints had to have to overcome the many challenges that they face. Their legacy of Faith is what we need to have and to share it from generation to generation.
One of the songs from the Christmas concert has been our main theme song this whole week. The song is from Prince of Egypt called "Through Heavens Eyes" which talks about that the only way you can find your worth is by looking up to heaven. It's been fun listening to the song over and over again which I am grateful that Sister Greeff lets me do that.
The coolest thing that happened this week was visiting a family from the ward (Name left out). They are an older couple who are less active because of health and depression problems. We have been trying over and over again to meet them but the only thing we seem to get is a quick hi and loads of eggs. This week we were able to come in and talk to them about life. It was truly a tender miracle, even though there were chickens everywhere.  It defines the complex example of missionary work. Missionary work is not just baptizing people but it is to help people "Come unto Christ"! It can be from a simple smile to helping them turn to Jesus Christ by acknowledging Him. 
Dad always remember that Faith is powerful and can help us everyday. Don't let fear or doubt enter into your mind because Faith cannot stay when fear and doubt surrounds it.
Love ya!
Sister Ogden

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