Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dallas Letter 10/10/16


This week we had the amazing opportunity to have President and Sister Mullen come out with us for a lesson with Rueben. It was cool to see President and Sister Mullen meet the Davis family in whom I have writing to them about since the beginning. 

We also had to take our car to the car shop and I was able to see David Barnett! David is the Dad of Grant who was my first baptism in Wildomar! We were able to catch up on the last six months since I left Wildomar before he had to go back to work. Truly a tender mercy. 

Then yesterday we were able to have four investigators come to church! James received the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was cool to listen on what Heavenly Father wanted James to know in his blessing. God is blessing us in our area in so many ways and I am grateful that today is Canada Thanksgiving so I can give Him extra thanks. I am planning on getting a pumpkin pie to celebrate. Sorry that the email was short but must of what happen this week was a lot of teaching and meetings.    

Sister Ogden

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