Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dallas Letter 3/14/16

Hey family,
This week has been tough but awesome! Every other day it is raining here which makes it fun and interesting to do the Lord's work. We having been tracking on the days it rains! Then to add on the adventure of the rain, we have experienced close calls with mean looking dogs. We have been saved by knights of UPS and a random lady. They distracted the dogs from eating us. Probably more me since I have more meat to me! God protects me in the weirdest ways but He does.
The work was slow but we were able to work with less actives a lot this week, one of them being Brother ___. Brother ___ and his wife suffer many health problems that prevent them from coming to church. We both felt prompted to go and stop by which was good that we did. He was at a very low point and need to know that God knows what he is going through. The spirit was so strong to the point that on Sunday he came to church. The spirit is real and when the spirit is within us, it strengthens us to do the things God would have us do! Follow the spirit no matter how weird or random it is because God is giving you an opportunity to do his work.
Love you guys and have fun for the rest of your break!
Sister Ogden

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