Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dallas Letter 3/21/16

Hey Ogdens,
Happy Early Easter!
This week has been crazy! We picked up two new investigators named Nick and Vivian! They are super cool and I cannot wait to share the Gospel with them! Then we went to this Persian restaurant called Kin Kabob that we have been eyeing since we got out here. More me then Sister Greeff! I got lamb which was weird to Sister Greeff but I converted her. After it had rained last week, there were these gorgeous purple flowers everywhere which makes it feel more springish then desert. Sorry that this is short but my time was shorten because of playing beach volleyball! Love you guys so much!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Happy Birthday my little sister (Aysha)! You are growing into a beautiful soccer player and a beautiful daughter of God! I am sending this early so that you can read now and especially on your birthday. I love you so much and wish that I could be there but I will. I will be there through the sunshine or rain (I don't know which) but I will be there. (I don't which country song that I am trying to copy but you know it) Keep climbing higher in everything you do and never look back! Shoot for the stars and to God!

Happy Birthday again!
Love Sister Ogden  

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