Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dallas Letters 3/28/16

Thank you for all the pictures you have sent! You all are so beautiful and handsome! Sorry for how vague last weeks letter was. The reason for that was helping Sister Greeff prepare to go home this week. It's weird to think that tomorrow my companion will be home. I am staying in Wildomar but my new companion is Sister Pielstick!!!!! My MTC companion! She is an STL now (sister training leader) which means that when they are on exchanges with the other sisters, I will be going to Spanish land more often.
This week was so much fun going out and talking to everyone outside about Christ. Probably the weirdest contact of this week was that we were given a tour of an old RV being remodel by an older couple. When you are a missionary you get in the most awkward and weird situations but they sure make us laugh afterwards. I found a cool house this week that has all these military cars and I thought of you guys! Easter was like a normal day (since everyday is centered on Christ by doing His work) but for dinner we had steaks!!!!! They were not like dad's but they were super good! Based on the emails I received, your Easter was amazing! Happy Late Birthday Aysha again!
Samaniego Family who had us over for Easter!
Now I have heard many different opinions but what did you guys think of the new  Batman/ Superman movie? Just curious! I have to go help Sister Greeff leave but I want to tell you guys that I love you and pray for you guys everyday! This next transfer is going to be fun with Sister Pielstick and I am so excited to be out here doing the Lord's Work!
Love Sister Ogden

I am glad that the picture that was sent to you was good! I was not able to see if it met my standards. Wow I will keep Papa in my prayers and can you please tell him and granny that I love them. 
I actually have been thinking the same thing of what it would be like to meet the Savior. I think I will remember what it was like to know Him before here and I think that when I return I will remember all the times He has been with me here. In Relief of Society last week we had a lesson on the Atonement. She said something that I loved which was that "Everyone meets Christ in Gethsemane" (Sister Dalebout) which is true! Then Women Conference was super good! It was cool how the main theme was about service and Christ like Love. I definitely needed to listen to those speakers because I can do this work with Christ's love and be willing to serve everyone on the mission. 
Sister Greeff is leaving today which is weird! I am sad because she has taught me so much about the Gospel but also of myself. I think He sent me to be with her so that I could learn and grow. This week a fellow sister was having knee problems to the point she was sent home. Since I had my experience with knees, I was able to give her advice which definitely helped. There is a reason for everything because God is not random. He has a plan for everything!  The work here is kinda slow all our investigators are not progressing or they are moving a snails pace. Only time can tell but Bear from my last area is going to be baptized which I am excited to go back for! I love you mom and pray for you and the family everyday! Love you to pieces
Barnett family
Sister Ogden

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