Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dallas letter 5/16/16

In all of your emails you asked the same questions which I decided to answer in the same email. My new area is a little bit nicer than Hemet and Wildomar because there are sidewalks. I didn't know they existed here! It has been fun to get readjusted to bike especially since everything is on a hill. Let's just say my legs were sore for most of the week. Sister Petersen is my new companion. She is from Mapleton, Utah and she loves Soccer! We will probably start a myth here that only Mormons are red heads! In the same apartment lives Sister Roberts and Sister Young!
I did the most dyslexic thing ever on my mission. We were sharing the Follow Him video and I was talking about how through Christ we are able to jump the puddles of life but, instead of puddle I said paddle. Not once but three times. I didn't even know until after the lesson when Sister Petersen told me. I even got the pleasure to experience a pamphlet being thrown at me with the comment  "you need Jesus"! I was glad to tell him "yes I do because, without Him, I am nothing"! Then the plague happened again and I was able to be with Sister Roberts for a day!
I am super excited for Saturday because Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to our mission! The past couple of weeks I have been trying to prepare by reading his talks like Finding Your Life. He talks about how to find your life through Jesus Christ. I love Luke 9:23 because we must follow Christ daily and I need Him daily! 
Love you guys and talk to next week!

Sister Ogden
Sister Petersen

My Bike

Sister Roberts

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