Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dallas Letter 5/23/16

This week has been probably the most challenging but rewarding week. The common theme of what I learned this week was how powerful the Spirit is. We taught the Restoration to Melissa who is a teenage girl confined to a wheelchair. She doesn't know about Christ that much but when I invited her to baptism she said yes! I think that it was only through the Spirit that Melissa could say yes. Then the Spirit prompted us to go to a referral named Bliss. Bliss is a single mom with two children and is going through a nasty divorce right now. I didn't know this before we entered her house but after sharing the Hallelujah video, she told us through many tears. The Spirit guided me through what to say to her both during the lesson and in the prayer before we left. The Holy Ghost is truly a gift that I need every day.
The best part of the week was having a Mission Conference with Elder Christofferson! We surprised both Elder Christofferson but especially our mission president with a music number of "Faith in Every Footstep". It was powerful to sing that song about how I will put faith in every footstep in missionary work. There are many things I learned and I love the blessing in which he gave us:

1. That we would have an increased sense of the Lord's love for us and His knowledge of us. 
2. That we would pray with greater confidence to our Heavenly Father. He will see into our hearts and bless us in His way and time. He will bless us according to the deep desires of our heart.
3. That we would have a greater understanding of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. In quoting 3 Nephi 26:6-9, he repeated Mormon's summary of the book -- to try our faith and to prepare us to receive greater things.
4. That we would teach with greater ability -- more simply, clearly and convincingly. 
5. That we would bear more persuasive testimonies.

Love you guys!
Sister Ogden


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