Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dallas Letter 6/7/16

This week has been full of fun new adventures. First being that Summer is officially here! All week we have been biking in 104-degree weather and I have not yet been sunburned. I feel like I swim in sunscreen every day. With the crazy new heat, it tends to make people do crazy things like pet a stone dragon or forget to speak English. Sister Petersen has a little notebook of all the funny words I make up or say so she can look at it and laugh. 
Then for exchanges, Sister Pielstick came to my area while Sister Petersen went to Wildomar. Sister Pielstick was so funny when we had to bike up the hills because she would walk up them. It showed me how much more fit I am since being put on a bike. It's been a blessing physically and spiritually for me to be on a bike. 
Here is my spiritual thought of the week:
Keep up the P.A.C.E.
(positive attitude changes everything)
There are many things this week that could have made it terrible but a positive attitude it changes everything. There is definitely a lot of changes going on here but also where you guys are at. Just keep up the PACE and trust in the Lord. I think that is the number one lesson that I am learning here. 

Love ya
Sister Ogden

1. All three of us together from the MTC! Just missing Sister Lineback
2. I got the package! Thank you so much! 
3. Lakes are everywhere here and here is one of the sun sets this week.



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