Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dallas Letter 6/20/16

This week has been full of fun adventures like flat tires,being attack by a praying mantis (the bug from kung fu  panda), putting a whole family "ondate", and transfer calls. My bike was fine but Sister Petersen's kept dying  to the point that we spent all day at a bike shop. Then the story of the attack was while walking I looked at my arm to see a praying mantis I tried to brush it off but instead made it very mad and it shot straight into my hair. Sister Petersen was useless because she was laughing so hard. Then the Davis' accepted baptism for July 10! I am super excited! Then we had transfer calls..... I am staying here on bike with my new companion Sister Willis. I have to go help my companion pack but I love  you all and stay cool! 

Sister Ogden
1) Bike Trip
2) Face Mask
3) Someone in the neighborhood played Jumanji
4) Davis Family!
5) Before we all separate today! 

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