Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 3/6/17

There are so many things that I want to tell you but I will try to do my best in explaining it well. Last Monday was absolutely crazy because Sister DiPietro had to leave for Hemet to her new area but she had to stay since her asthma medication didn't come on time. So we were in a trio companionship for a day which was super weird. Sister Greenhalgh is from Heber Utah and has only been out for 6 months! Both her and I are constantly laughing and finding the many cool miracles that God has given us.  

One of the miracles was that we were able to find 6 new investigators! We were able to find them in many awkward situations, like knocking on their door and them coming in behind us or teaching a family around a pile of dirt. Missionary work is so awkward but it is super fun an rewarding. With teaching the Family around the pile of dirt they expressed feelings of wanting to find the truth and want to have a full baptism. Moments like this even though kinda weird is such a humbling experience because you see God preparing them for the Gospel. 
President & Sister Mullen came out with us for a investigator lesson and a home visit with a member. We taught Rudy & Valerie the First Vision and the Book of Mormon which was awesome. When we showed them the picture of the First Vision, President Mullen asked them what they saw and Valerie said "is it God and Jesus"? From that moment on, the spirit was so strong that they accepted the baptism date of April 2! When we first taught them they would not accept baptism but with a mighty changed of heart, they were able to want to change and feel the strength that the Gospel brings. Then after our home visit, Sister Mullen gave the member her glasses because she could not read very well with her old ones. I learned so much from the examples of President & Sister Mullen and I am so grateful that they are my leaders.
Love Sister Ogden

1) For a Mutual activity for one of the wards in the stake, They decided to feed the whole zone with a talent show.
2) Even though I am not in Austin, I still can find some yards with some cool art
3-4) are the path and environment of the lesson with the family around the dirt pile. Like Jesus I am teaching everywhere that people are willing to listen. 
5) the weather here
6) my cute companion

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