Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 1/27/17


This week has been a roller coaster! From going to the Temple, service, new investigator, and Transfer calls! The week started awesome because I was able to go to the Temple. I always feel that when I go I receive so much strength and peace to continue to do the Work. I was extra excited to go because originally we were suppose to go in January but it had to be reschedule for the end of February! The longest wait of my life but it was a testimony for me that God enable me to be strong until I could be energized at the temple. The member who took us to the Temple even took us to a Koren restaurant that was amazing! 
Then we sisters in the zone were able to do service at the museum which allowed me to touch history. We got to put books in a catalog and put a rocket holder on a helicopter! Service is the best as a missionary. We celebrated Transfer call Saturday at Burger Boss!
The Work this week has been a lot of door knocking on potentials and working with less actives. I think by the end of my mission I will master the secret knock that makes everyone want to answer the door and want to be baptized. We found a new investigator named Broderick who is going through many struggles with his life. He even told us when we started teaching him that he was thinking of us while he felt lost all that morning and wanted help. The Spirit always seems to prepare those we are teaching everyday. It's so cool! We shared with him about peace with has been the main focus of my studies. In Pslams 29 :11 it talks about how Christ gives us strength and peace which I am so grateful that He gives that to me daily. I even think having peace is a form of strength. I have felt His peace a lot since especially since it was the last week of the Transfer.
Then it was Transfer calls! So Sister DiPietro is leaving me and going to Hemet and I am staying here with Sister Greenhalgh. I was originally suppose to be with Sister Godoy but I was called by the Assistants at 9 last night about the change. I am sad that Sister DiPietro is leaving but I know she will do amazing in Hemet!  

Love Sister Ogden

2) We accidentally kidnap the La Piedra phone on exchanges. Weird to have my own phone  
3) History service 
4) Imagine me doing the left side of the helicopter. 
5) storm clouds here

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