Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 6/27/16

Hello everyone,
   Update on Sister Willis! She is from Wyoming and she has been out six months. Yikes, I am the senior companion in age and being in the area. Sister Willis is a nerd like me on books and movies but she is not athletic. So biking with her has been fun. Speaking about bikes my bike thinks it's dying! It's nothing major just my kick stand keeps getting loose and touching my tire. So as of right now I am stand free! 

   The Davis family is doing amazing and they have accepted the baptismal date of July 24 but will soon change it to the 17th. The twins are going to girls camp which will be awesome!   We were able to find three new investigators who are Max, Chris, and Wayne. Max is a 11 year old boy who is part of a really less active family that we are working with. He is excited to be baptized but only in September since his younger brother will turn 8. Oh well, there is a lot of work to be done. Chris and Wayne were a referral from the Spanish Elders. After the lesson they said the we could come back and that the video was "so dope", meaning awesome. I think, based on the comment, that we really have to teach the Word of Wisdom. There is always clues that we as missionaries always seem to find to know how to help people. 

   The main lesson that I have learned this week is that God prepares us for the challenges we face. God does not put us here to fail but to succeed! He has helped me this week to overcome bike problems, changing of dates, and taking over the area. If you are struggling with anything stop and take it to the Lord and He will help.
Love ya

Sister Ogden

Can I just say thank you. The spiritual thought in your email is what I needed. This week has been rough because the Davis family keeps moving their date because of a wedding or that the brother they want to baptize them will be gone. Remember that God loves you and Christ goes before you.  The perfect love of Christ casteth out all fear.  Be bold and fearless and the Lord will bless you.  I need to remember and have faith. Both you and Mom always seem to know what to say to give me strength, comfort, or guidance. I love to see that goatee back even though it was gone for good reason.

Sister Ogden

This are Grahams from Ireland! Super cool Irish dinner with them

Action biking with Sister Willis

Not action for me but for her

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