Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dallas Letter 10/31/16


Sorry for the very short email last week. You were lucky that we were able to email because everything went wrong. The plan was that Sister Keith and I were to drive to Moreno Valley together so that I could move to my new area and she would spend the night before she gets her new Stripling Warrior (new missionary).Here are the many things that went wrong or crazy:
  •  Woke to the tire light on and had to take it into the shop. They found a nail side ways which they could not fix until the next day.
  • Called the AP's about the situation and they made a plan that the the Hermana's (Spanish Missionaries) would come from Morneo Valley to pick me up and leave one of the Hermana's with Sister Keith over night.
  • The Hermana's were super late and it was pouring rain while we loaded my luggage. 
  • Right when everything was going to be okay our car was not turning on. It took us an hour before we found out that the sister was using the wrong car keys. 
So that was our crazy Transfer Monday! Luckily the rest of the week was not as crazy. Moreno Valley is surrounded my mountains and it's very "Moreno" (brown). Mom you would love it here because of the many rocks you could take home. The area is very middle class. We were able to open new apartments which are super nice. The only problem with opening a new apartment is that instead of unpacking your luggage, you are putting together beds and desks for three days. 

Sister Nielson is from West Valley Utah and came out with me. It was funny that we are now companions because when they first told me who would be my new companion it was Sister Nielson not Sister Keith. I guess our district leader was following the spirit of prophecy.

This week we were able to find 7 new investigators which is amazing! Most of them were found walking in sunshine and rain but I think it was our faith to find that allowed us to do this. Like how we tell our investigators, faith is an action and when we have faith on the Savior it motivates us to follow Him. It's my faith that motivates me to find those that God has prepared. 

Sister Ogden 

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