Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dallas Letter 12/26/16

Hello again,
This week has been full of tracting since it has been raining here a lot for southern California. God always seems to watch out for us because right after a very rude basher we knocked on a door that the person was not interested but wanted to give us cookies. There is always small tender mercies everyday but we have to look for them. Of coarse the biggest tender mercy was talking to you guys!!! Even though it was only 40 minutes, it was the best part of Christmas. Thank you for being the amazing people you are in my life. 
The main thing I learned this week is that many people can see one's inner light. That is why the Savior ask of us to shine bright and be example of the believers. Many people we talked to were so surprised that we were willing to walk in the cold rain to talk to them about Christ and His light. I have loved every shining moment I can tell everyone of what Christ has done for me. I love you guys and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Sister Ogden

1) March Field Air Field Museum Hanger where we do restoration of planes!
2) Us in the rain with planes
3-4) There is a famous place in Riverside called the Mission Inn which we were able to visit before going to our Christmas Devotional with President.
5) Riverside mission symbol that is everywhere
6) Riverside has beautiful church buildings to look at 
7) Even though it may not be snowing here but at least we have Frozen! I have finally mastered selfies with Sister DiPietro because I would normally cut off part of her face in the pictures. 
8) What once was desert is now green
9) Sleep over by our Christmas tree!
10) Since Sis DiPietro didn't really receive a package from her family I was able to make her a Christmas package to open on Christmas day!
11) Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. How lovely are your lights!
12) The gifts
13) Christmas Caroling after skype'ing with you!
Sorry for the many pictures but enjoy! Love YA!

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