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Dallas Letter 11/28/16

Happy Late Thanksgiving! I hope you were stuffed as much as I was! This week has flown by but full of fun stuff. Here is my week day by day:

Mon: We had Crossfit with President Mullen and the North half of the mission. I killed it with the running but was not the best at the push ups. As a zone we made shirts that said "just saving soles" which I thought was cute. 

Tues: Had interviews with President Mullen and he taught me so much with one scripture which says "But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, anserve him with all diligence of mind"(Mosiah 7: 33)
He told me that the word "turn" means daily  repentance, "trust" is to have faith, and "diligence" is to Endure to the End by being focused. We must do these three things if we want to be truly following Jesus Christ which is what we also ask of our investigators.

Wed: Sister Willis was able to come to my area for a day! Sister Willis and I were able to teach Jasmine and Nicole part of the Plan of Salvation because Nicole has lost a lot of family members since July. She was wondering if God was mad at her because of it.  By the time we left, you could see the peace on her face that she can see them again. They were our last door to knock on before we had to travel back to Canyon Crest. Jasmine and Nicole were an answer to our prayers! 

Thurs: As a zone we played a Turkey Bowl which I was able to make the first touchdown! Then I almost had two more but I am better with my feet then my hands. Then we had dinner with the Johnson's which was amazing but not as good as Mom's. Then we met as a zone at the stake center and played chair soccer the whole time. I was not able to win any of the rounds because everyone has the goal to get me out. You would think they thought I was good. 

Fri: We were able to teach Mike (an investigator) about baptism and put him on the baptismal date of January 15! Then while walking a group of kids totally shouted at me and said that I look like Mary Jane from Spiderman. It made me and Sister Nielson laugh hard because the normally I get the compliment that I look like Merida not a Marvel character. I love walking and meeting people like these kids.

Sat: I was able to go back to La Piedra to be with Sister Harris for the day! She has been only out for 5 weeks which was cool to see how much I have changed since I was trained. I totally miss being on bike and also biking in the rain. It down poured on us but I loved every moment of it! It just needed some lighting and thunder! Dinner was with the Davis Family which they didn't know I would be there which was a fun surprise. David and Ruben got the Priesthood! I am grateful that God allowed me to not only come back but to see how much they have changed! 

I love you guys so much and I want to say Thank You for all that you have done for me! 

Love Ya
Sister Ogden 

Ps. the picture of the guy is a great example of the type of people we sometimes meet


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