Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dallas Ogden 11/21/16

This week has been full of many things with being an STL and getting ready for the Christmas Season. I will have to go day by day so I won't forget anything:
MON: A member asked both Sister Nielson and I a question that I thought you guys would love to read. She asked "what have we learned so far on our missions?" and I said to Trust in the Lord. Missionary work is tough but with the Lord and His Atonement, I am able to do His work. Once we gave our answers she told us that we should always remember this so that we don't forget the truth we have been sharing for 18 months.

WED: I was on exchange with Sister Chandler and we had the opportunity to go to Riverside to see the new Christmas video called Light the World. I am so excited to share the video and ask to serve people.
FRI: I was able to go to Spanish land for an exchange with Sister Coffeen. For dinner I was able to eat Peruvian food from a member in their ward. It was super good!

Sat: I was on another exchange with Sister Crammer who gave me the experience of eating Helote (corn, mayo, cheese, chili, and butter). surprisingly good!
Love You 
Sister Ogden

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