Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dallas Letter 11/7/16

I love my new area in so many different ways. Here are some of the reasons:
  1.  We do over 6 hours of service each week. My favorite service is at the March Field Air Museum because we get to do many weird jobs ! This week I got to sand a Airplane Tug!
  2. Sister Nielson and I get to meet the most interesting people while walking. A little girl taught us how to dance in the weirdest way. 
  3. The area is a good mix of city and country. Our ward being the closet to the mountains. 
  4. The members are so excited to have Sister's in the ward which makes the work a lot easier. 
This week has been packed with meetings in Riverside for the new month/ transfer. The main thing I learned from those meetings is that God knows how I feel and inspire people to say things I need. Sister Mullen told us that God has chosen us [missionaries] and He will help us! I am grateful for His help because without it, it would be pointless to be out here. 

I went back to Menifee for Rueben's baptism and it gave me the opportunity to see the blessings of working hard with the Lord. Rueben is the last person to be baptized in the Davis family which was amazing to see all six of them sitting together. Then Rueben surprised me and Sister Keith by bearing his testimony about how he felt through out the process and that he wants to serve a mission. Once he said he wanted to serve, I cried. It is truly an honor to serve!

Love ya
Sister Ogden

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