Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dallas Letter 11/14/16

This week has been super crazy but I was able to learn about the Savior through it all. The main focus of our mission is to "come to know the Savior" based off of Elder Bednar's talk from last General Conference. Here are some of the ways I learned closer to my Savior this week:
  •  The Lord is the perfect teacher on how to teach simply and be patient if the student does not get it. That could be the case for me as His student and for my investigators.
  • To always have my missionary switch on like the Savior no matter how tired I may be.
Yesterday I was able to go back to Menifee for Eli Miller's baptism! Eli is the only one in his family that is not a member but has been coming to Sacrament for 10 years. When we started teaching him, he scared Sister Keith and I because he is very philosophical and is very stubborn. As time went on, he started to open up and finally accepted the baptismal date of Nov 13. I left for three weeks to come back to a totally different Eli. He and his wife called Sister Keith and I "fierce loins" at the baptism because we were willing to teach Eli.

Sister Ogden

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