Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 7/11/16

To put words for this week is super hard but it was one of those week's where everything fell into our laps. We were able to find five investigators and that we were able to get everything ready for the baptisms this Sunday. The Davis family are so excited and asked me to speak at the baptism! It was a testimony builder for me to see them go into their interviews and come out glowing with joy. Once you are willing to change and come unto Christ, the light of Christ will grow more and more within you and shine to others! I have seen the change and I am not the only person that see it. David (the dad) told us that he wants to learn more because he sees the change in his family for the better. I hope that I also am able to shine the Light of Christ to everyone like the Davis family.
(the picture is of me sleeping when I was sick, Sister Willis like to mess with me when I am dead)
Love  ya
Sister Ogden

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