Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 8/1/16

I first want to announce that today is the start of a new transfer and I am staying here! YES! However Sister Willis is leaving and my new companion is Sister Kieth. All I know is that she is from Canada and that this will be here first time on bike.
This week we were able to do service at the Orange Empire Railway Museum by making a volcanic seed pools. We made piles of dirt into volcanoes and planted seeds in them while making the hole into a pool. Super fun!      
David is all ready for his baptism this Sunday! He has been reading all the pamphlets we have given him so that he could be ready for his interview last week. He is so funny.  He even got to be a missionary at his work because his coworkers spied on him studying and even took the time to read with him. 
This Saturday, I totally felt like a hippie because we taught Gary on the grass by the lake again and I wore a flowery shirt. Then halfway through our lesson on the Plan of Salvation, a random lady joined in our circle with her dog. She interrupted us and  talked about how we need to center our lives on Him and asked me if I would pray for her right now. I did and once I finished the prayer, she left with her dog. Super weird! Gary came to church and loved it even though he left his glasses at home and couldn't read anything.
Spiritual thought of the week was on the Atonement. I love the Atonement and how it gives me the ability to become better. I definitely cannot do missionary work or anything without Christ. I love Elder Holland talk about missionary work and the Atonement which I highly suggest you listen to it. You guys should do it for FHE!

Family Note: We did listen it Elder Holland's and it was amazing!

Love Ya 
Sister Ogden  

Last time with Sister Willis (look like from the 90's)
Davis family door
Transfer Call Treat
Sister Young and I at the service with our volcano 

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