Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 8/22/16

It was a very hot week which made being on a bike very fun. I got to swim in sunscreen everyday and said many prayers for Sister Keith to survive. We had to take many breaks since the heat did not settle very well with her even though I am the redhead. Besides finding [new investigators] we went to the Redlands temple and gave Gary a surprise! 
Every time I go to the temple, I feel my soul be refilled to go out and do His work. Missionary work is draining because we share our testimony with everyone we talk to, we leave part of our soul with them. I needed a refill so that I could handout more for the next 3 months! 
For Gary's surprise, we bought him some fruit herbal tea which made him very emotional. His Birthday isn't until this Tuesday but he really needed a cheer up that day. Plus the only tea he had was full of spices which reminded him of Halloween. Gary is a big teddy bear which makes it so much fun to teach him. He has his interview this Sunday and is all ready for his baptism on August 28!

Sister Ogden

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