Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dallas Letter 8/19/16


Sorry that the email is be late but today is our Pday since we are going to the temple latter on! I AM SO EXCITED! I will try to tell you about last week but it's a blur....
For exchanges I went to Spanish Land in Perris with with Sister Babb. I learned that I could do better in my studies to prepare for my investigators. Sister Babb always finds a scripture for each one of them everyday. I have applied that and there has been two miracles with Gary. Gary loves his coffee and cigarettes but is willing to give that up for Christ. I gave him the two scriptures of 3 Nephi 27:13-14 and Philippians 4:13 which has helped him prepare for his baptism on August 28!
Gary is so elect! Sister Willis and I met Gary on the street right after he suffered two heart attacks. He was so sad and sickly when we first met him that it fills me with joy to see him so happy. I could only imagine how God feels for Gary.  
Then Sister Keith and I had so much fun at one of our dinners last week by playing Pie Face. It is a game where you have to pick a number to decided either you will be hit in the face with whip cream or not. Well I got all the bad luck and got hit with whip cream 6 times in a row. I wish I could send you the video but Sister Keith and I got ab's after laughing so hard.
I just want to end by saying thank you for your love and support! I feel it everyday and I hope you feel mine. Each of you have effected my life and now that effect is helping others in the Riverside Mission. The Davis family keep giving us texts of gratitude which reminds me that I must do the same for you! I love you guys and miss ya! 

Sister Ogden

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