Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 1/23/17


This week has been kinda uneventful because I have been on lock down in our apartment with Sister DiPietro having the plague. I always seem to have companions that get super sick. We had to go to Urgent Care which was a field trip to me because we were out of the apartment. It has been raining all week to the point that yesterday our whole mission was on lock down for flooding after church. Sister DiPietro and I were exact obedient because we were already home. While inside, I was Nurse Ogden, Miss Ogden maid, and a very lost Sister Ogden.

Another field trip I had was going to Riverside for an STL meeting with President Mullen. President Mullen gave a training on how "relying on the Lord" is actually "relying on Heavenly Father". When we pray, we pray to the Father which He answers us through His Son and the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ is the one that gives us Strength through the Atonement and knows actually what we need to strengthen us. The Holy Ghost is how receive comfort from the Father. By President Mullen's training I feel that my prayers have become more powerful and meaningful.

Hermana Tobler (my STL companion) and I have a tradition of going to Blaze Pizza to have lunch every time we go to Riverside. I love going there because I am able to make an exotic Greek pizza that is gluten free!

I love you and have a fantastic week! I will emailing on a different day next week because I get to go to the temple!

Love Sister Ogden

1) Sunshine before it was pouring rain and lock down
2) Sister DiPietro was able to try the Mexican corn while we were walking 
3) The M is for Moreno Valley
4) Urgent care tradition picture. 
5) Sick Sister DiPietro even though she normally would not be smiling but kept smiling in all the pictures I took of her
6) I forgot to mention that the Rodriguez family came and not only brought us soup but they gave a huge care package that made me feel very loved. That was a huge tender mercy for the week! God always seem to find ways to take care of his missionaries!

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