Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 2/20/17

This week has been full of adventures like a going to the car shop, Multi-zones, investigators and rain storms! But before I get to my adventures, I want to tell you what I learned. I learned that we received traits and talents from Heavenly Father and that right now is the time to strengthen them. These past couple of days, I have been thinking about what are mine which is ten times harder than saying the talents for another. It wasn't til I read my blessing that I realize some of mine. I encourage you to read your blessings to find out!

Our car has had to go in the shop twice but it gave us an opportunity to walk a lot and talk to everyone we see. Walking for me out on the mission is my favorite part because I get to meet really cool and interesting people. It so cool that God knows each one of them and that He wants me to go talk to them about the message of hope. That message of hope is of Jesus Christ which I  am able to teach and testify to everyone that is outside! I feel sorry for the Angels that have to write down all my testimonies that I give each day.

We had Multi-zones this week and I had to give a training in front of everyone! Since being an STL, I have had to give many trainings which has allowed me to learn so much. My training was on using technology to what I think will prepare this mission to have tablets but way after my time with the new President. I love Multi-zones because President Mullen gives us so much training that gives guidance of what I can do to better in the work. Right after Multi-zones, as a whole mission, we all had to go straight home because of how bad the rain storm was. It gave me a chance to decorate my new planner and write in my journal! Small tender mercies!
Then we were able to find three new investigators named Rudy, Valerie, and Emme! Each of them have a sad story but it is that message of repentance that has brought them hope as we have taught. I love teaching repentance because it has brought so much joy into my life. It is so cool to see people to slowly change as they learn the Gospel.

Sister Ogden

1) Exchanges with Hermana Hernandez
2) At Multi- Zones we had a famous actor that was in 17 Miracles and Ephraim Rescue. I even got to role play with him as if I was talking to him on the street. 
3) my zone
4) this is what decorating a planner looks like! Lockdown!

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