Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 1/16/17


Sorry about last week`s letter. I thought I sent it in but it must have been still loading when I had to get off. This week has been full of many miracles. The first miracle was that we as a zone went bowling at the mall. I was close to winning which was a miracle since I was using my hands and not my feet. They should invent a bowling game that we have to use our feet! Since we were at the mall we went to Bath& Body Works for fun which became a missionary moment. One of our potential investigators named Judy was there and we were able to find a better time to meet with her this week. Missionary work happens in weird ways all the time.

We were able to find a new Investigator named Penny, who we found was while seeking with faith. She was on her porch and thinking about the many rough things she is going through which really softened her to our message. We testified about the power of the Atonement which brought tears to her eyes of hope. The Gospel always brings hope and light into our lives because of the Savior.

Then we have the miracle of buckets of rain which allowed me to wear my favorite rain boots. Thank you for the many herbal teas that you sent because they have been the best thing at night after a long rainy working day.
Then Sister DiPietro was finally able to invite someone to baptism which was Judy!!! It is always that first one that is tough but once you get your first invite under your belt you are not afraid to invite anyone to come unto the Savior. I have been studying lately about how, through Christ, we are able to repent. It's a blessing to know that through the Atonement my silly mistakes can be washed away as long as I do my part. It's cool to see others realize that truth and gift we are given by the Savior.

Then transfer calls happened but all is staying the same. I am going to finish Sister DiPietro's training in Moreno Valley which I am super excited for! It is weird though because this is my first transfer where nothing has changed for me. The work is progressing more and more each day which is only happening because of our hard work. President Mullen gave a training in DC 123:13 of how we must "waste and wear out" in missionary work each day or you are not doing the work right. We should come home exhausted from talking, walking, and teaching everyone that we see or talk too.  "Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven" (DC123: 13). I can tell you that I do come home exhausted but it's all worth it! Plus it does make me dream ten times harder which I do tell Sister DiPietro each morning. 

Love Sister Ogden 

1-2) bowling
3) our zone
4) relief society district 

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