Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dallas Letter 1/30/17


This was a spiritual experience between teaching appointments, exchanges, and learning more of the Gospel. We were able to pick up part of a family named Aide & Victoria Bandal! They were a referral from a member in Riverside and we were able to sit down with them on Tuesday and put them on date for February 26. We didn't plan visiting them but I thought to stop by since we went through everyone that we already planned. The Spirit always guides us in the right direction which was to the Bandal family. They have a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon but by the end of the lesson they were so excited to read it. Sister DiPietro continues to gain confidence in inviting someone to baptism which she was given two opportunities. It's so much fun training! It's hard but so worth it.  I learn so much. I learned from Sister DiPietro of the importance of asking for enabling power of the Atonement specifically to something she is about to do like contacting people of the street.

I had exchanges with Sister Harris in La Piedra which was fun but it's no longer a biking area. It was weird to be in the car going up the hills without dieing and out of breath which would be the case on a bike. I learned from Sister Harris to never give up no matter what, just keep working! As an STL we always have the responsibility to work with sister in anything that they need and we focused on having a more positive attitude. One of the things that help me is to see Gods hands in my day.  While being there I heared how all my converts are doing while at dinner with sister wells at Red Robin. Here is a list of how my converts are doing:

Davis- still going strong. Irma (wife) was called to the a librarian. David(husband) is teaching in elder quorum plus passing the Sacrament once in a while. Rueben is passing the Sacrament. The girls are active in young womens.
Zrofsky- They are both called to teach in primary. 
Eli Miller- Called into cub scouts
Gary- recovering from some heath issues.
I learned more of the Gospel in the aspect of Atonement and Repentance. I have been switching back and forth from studying the Atonement and Repentance because I need those two things every single day. In DC 38:4 it says "and verily, I say, even as many as have believed in my name, for I am Christ, and in mine own name, by the virtue of the blood which I have split, have pleaded before the Father for them" (DC 38:4). I love this scripture because it is by the Atonement that we can repent and it's by the life and prayers of Christ that I am able to become better.
Love Sister Ogden


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